best zero turn mower under $4000

Best Zero Turn Mower Under $4000 – Features , Pros and Cons

The zero-turn lawnmower, like other mowers, is equipped with its cutting deck on the front, not beneath like you would imagine from a conventional lawnmower or lawn tractor. Where does it get its name?

The zero-turn radius or zero-turn radius has to be related to the fact that the lawn mower travels only a few inches away from where it was when it turned the mower. This feature provides the mower’s most efficient mowing speed and the greatest level of maneuverability.

Remember that considering the deck’s different positions, zero-turn lawn mowers can be stand-on, walk-behind, or even riding mowers.

But there are a few things that connect all zero-turn lawn mowers. The four-wheeled design consists of two rear wheels and smaller pivoting wheels in front.

The way these mowers operate differs from conventional mowers, with the steering controlled by hand on your handles, with each handle controlling the drive wheel that follows.

To make a right turn, you’ll have to increase the speed of the left rear wheel while reducing its speed on the right rear wheel and achieving the appropriate amount of steering to the mower but not having to advance.

Also, remember that the construction of the engines of these zero-turn mowers is quite complicated – to accommodate the various speed of the rear wheel. Because of the general style of these machines, they operate effectively in various terrains. You won’t need to be concerned about missing places after mowing.

It is possible to reach difficult-to-access places without difficulty too.

It is ideal to purchase an electric mower if you require a fast mower with the highest efficiency. A lawnmower makes it simple for you to reach those tight areas and moves quickly to cover acres of the yard in just a few minutes. However, there is a caveat that lawnmowers could be dangerous in bumpy and uneven terrain.

It is also expected that zero-turn lawn mowers are expensive, which means it is not recommended they are not recommended unless you own a garden that is just a couple of acres, or in a flat space, or if you want the convenience and efficiency of the zero-turn mowers. This will require you to increase your budget or even save to purchase the mower.

However, it doesn’t mean that there are no zero-turn mowers that we can use at home. However, here is a list of top choices you can choose from.

Best Zero Turn Mower Under $4000

Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 Zero Turn Mower

Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 Zero Turn Mower

Made of 11 gauge steel that is 11 gauge, you get a mower that can stand up to the toughest mowing conditions for hours. Designed to handle a tough mow, this mower is fully welded to ensure that your mower will continue to be able to last and mow efficiently for decades for years to come. Since it’s the frame that has been constructed, it is then designed by hand to ensure that every part of your mower is strong and functional, even after many years of constant usage.

This Cub Cadet comes with a mowing deck of 50 inches with triple blades and a low lift. This big-sized mower makes it easier to complete your job of mowing your lawn by providing greater mowing capacity, making your work time only a tiny fraction! It is equipped with upgrade kits you can purchase separately to improve the cutting capabilities of this lawn mower.

Make the most of your mower using the hydrostatic engine that has 23 horsepower. With reliable dual electric transmissions, you can have an engine that can assist you in running at an excellent speed and performing at an optimal level.

You can mow up to four acres with a higher horsepower without worrying about an overheated mower or a mid-mowing breakdown. Because the Cub Cadet is equipped with a 3.5-gallon capacity for fuel and you won’t need to be concerned about stopping to replenish your fuel.

The Cub Cadet is an affordable price with its stunning dashboard. Not only does it have the standard cup holder. It also has an indicator for the battery to tell you when you’ll need the battery charged and an hour-meter to remind you when it is time to maintain your mower or replace certain components.

What you’ll appreciate about this is that it has a keyed start-up; it is more secure and a faster way to crank up your machine and make it ready to go. It is also a great way to get your machine ready for use. Cub Cadet also has built-in dual headlights. This is great for people who like to mow their lawns at home in dimly lit conditions.


  • A large deck and powerful engine
  • Decent fuel tank capacity
  • Built-in headlights
  • Perfect for hilly homes


  • A sharp turn causes the wheel to dig into the soil.
Husqvarna Z242F 42 in

Husqvarna Z242F 42 in

Let’s begin with my top choice – zero-turn mowers made by Husqvarna. This company is known for its broad selection of mowers that is both efficient and simple to use. The manufacturer creates mowers that provide friendly and continuous gardening with top-quality results.

The Husqvarna Z242F model, which measures 42 inches in length, comes fitted with the strong Kawasaki 18-horsepower engine. This permits speeds in the range of 6.5 millimeters per hour. The flawless performance comes through the hydrostatic transmission that is easy to maintain and provides a wide range of cutting options.

ClearCut deck designs have a 42-inch cutting area, with efficient airflow and cutting blades with high performance, which ensure efficient bagging and precise cutting. In addition, the deck’s size is perfect for residential use since you can efficiently mow large open and narrow open areas.

The advanced control panels assure the user’s comfort with an intuitive layout and the anti-slip feet zone. It is also secure due to its patent-pending brake system that has automatic activation and deactivation if the levers of the steering move.

I believe it is the most value-for-money zero-turn mower. It is not just a cutting machine but also has Mulching and bagging features. You will have to purchase additional equipment for this.


  • 18-horsepower engine;
  • Deep deck design;
  • Transmission by hydrostatic;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • High-performance blades;
  • Patent-pending brake system;
  • It can be used to bag and Mulching.


  • The kit for Mulching is sold separately.
The John Deere E130

The John Deere E130

Although the E130 exceeds the mark of $2,000 however, it’s still an excellent bargain, considering its many advantages. It’s powered by a Briggs and Stratton two-cylinder engine that allows for the yard’s ease of use. Cruise control is the standard. This riding lawn mower features a hydrostatic transmission, which means manually changing gears is not necessary.

Consumer Reports rates lawn mowers by side discharge, Mulching and bagging. Side discharge refers to how efficiently grass clippings are discharged through the chute that discharges the mower. A good mark in the mulching section signifies that grass clippings are well-chop and evenly distributed over the lawn. The lawn mower bag must be able to accommodate many clippings, and the chute should not be likely to get blocked.

It is an expert in side discharge and Mulching. However, it is average in bagging. CR claims that the blades are evenly trimmed the grass, and it can chop in reverse. Cleansing the parts is simple due to the washout port.

Its E130 was also more comfortable than other riding mowers due to its high-back seating. However, the CR test team also discovered that the engine could be incredibly noisy when you are in the driver’s seat or even at a distance of 25 feet. The riding lawn mower comes with a limited warranty of just two years.

For performance in terms of performance, the John deere E140 has the same performance as the E130 in terms of performance, down to the base price. The E140 has an option of a cutting deck of 48 inches, which is six inches larger than the E130’s. You’ll need to travel less over the turf to cut it to a decent length.

A 22-horsepower V-twin engine powers it. Its high-back seats are easily adjustable, which provides greater comfort for the user as he moves over the field. Being comfortable while working on a hard maintenance job is always good.

However, the engine is so loud that CR recommends wearing a hearing protector when riding. Also, it doesn’t come with automatic cruise control like the E130 and has the same unsatisfactory warranty one wouldn’t anticipate when looking for the top lawn mower.

John Deere Z375R Zero Turn Mower

John Deere Z375R Zero Turn Mower

Find a sturdy mower when you test the John Deere. Built with 11 gauge steel and stamped decks, you’ll be certain that you’ve got a sturdy machine designed to endure extreme weather conditions and difficult mowing tasks. With only one solid steel means, you are sure your mower will take on the toughest mowing conditions and carry on the exact same job for a long time.

At less than $4000, you’ll be able to get value with a 54-inch deck for mowing. The large area increases your efficiency and decreases your time to mow your lawn and the neighbours. With such a huge deck, you’ll have the ideal size to cut through huge properties such as the soccer field in your area.

John Deere made the large deck for mowing with a 25 horsepower V-Twin engine. It is designed to operate at maximum capacity and not wear down the engine easily. It won’t abandon the job your 54-inch mower deck and lawn need to do. This powerful engine delivers precise cuts, impressive speed, efficacy and, most importantly, the most beautiful law when you’re done.

You’ll be amazed that it can run through at least four acres without a hitch, at the maximum rate of seven miles an hour in mowing mode and 3.5 miles an hour in the reverse mode of mowing. While it’s got a strong engine and large deck, it is only equipped with the 2.1-gallon fuel tank, which you can cut up to five acres or less fully throttled. It is recommended to read this article for a specific Z-turn when mowing 5 acres.

The thing you’ll appreciate about this mower is that it comes with a deck cleaning kit, making it much easier to clean off the clippings stuck to your deck after mowing. The clippings could cause harm in the future if you don’t clean your mower at the end of each use. The moisture in the grass and soil that sticks to the deck can cause it to wear significantly faster.


  • Cutting power and cutting skill
  • The seats are comfortable and padded, as well as parts that are highly adjustable to fit anyone of any size
  • It is easy to access parts for repair and maintenance


  • The small size of the tank limits how far your mower can be able to
Husqvarna Z254F

Husqvarna Z254F

54-Inch 26HP Kohler Zero-Turn Riding Mower

The 54-inch zero-turn lawnmower is top and is one of the best choices to consider if you’re searching for the best lawnmowers that are zero-turn for residential use.

This mower is one of the zero-turn mowers in Husqvarna’s Z200 series, comprising their finest zero-turn radius lawn mowers. This mower has one of the highest levels of performance and features that provide an up-to-date performance quality.

One of the most valuable characteristics of this lawnmower is the highly robust Kohler 26HP engine, which is among the top engines used in lawnmowers. It is also the reason behind the mower’s maximum speed of 6.5MPH.

Another reason this is among our most popular mowers is its robust, well-established brake system that will be activated and quickly deactivate itself on the outward or inward motion using the highly-functioning steering levers.

The mower is also equipped with the advanced technology of air induction that improves the efficiency of the lawn mower by drawing air from its highest point and at the bottom of the deck.

You’ll also have the 54-inch cutting deck to make it easier and faster to increase the speed of grass cutting in large and small lawns. This cutting deck features a strong steel reinforcement that improves the deck’s strength and the whole mower.

You may also enjoy this mower due to its many of the finest features that ensure simple bagging, discharge and collection of the grass clippings.


  • The clippings can be easily bagged, mulched and disposed of, saving time.
  • The steel-encased cutting deck is strong and long-lasting.
  • It comes with an automatic brake system that is easy to manage.
  • Smooth and fast hydrostatic transmission
  • It can effortlessly cut through the most difficult and difficult-to-reach locations.
  • Cutting speeds up to 6.5MPH
  • A smooth cutting and delivery of grass due to Air induction technologies used in the mower.
  • A large 54-inch cutting deck is available for quick mowing.


  • It’s difficult the task of cutting grass horizontally while on an uphill slope.
Longest Lasting Zero Turn Mower

Longest Lasting Zero Turn Mower

If you want an easy yet effective zero-turn mower for your lawn, look into the IKONX-X 52” model by Ariens. This model offers a superior level of maneuverability and efficient cutting. The engine’s powerful 26 horsepower allows speeds of up to seven miles an hour, and the speedy mow is made possible by the large cutting deck that measures 52 inches. Mobility and long-term work are possible thanks to the huge 2.8-gallon tank.

A zero-turn feature and a large deck allow for efficient cutting and navigation throughout the garden or any other landscaping. Three blades of steel make your lawn appear clean. With a push of a button, you can alter their blades’ cutting height and the mowing results.

This mower can be operated comfortably because of the ergonomically-designed seat, shoulder cushion, and hand support. Also, the journey will be smooth due to hydro Gear’s Transaxles EZT.

You are likely looking for the longest-lasting zero-turn mower, which is an option. As one of the downsides, I could mention the lack of a mulching set because this could be another issue in selecting and purchasing an appropriate attachment. Even though the manufacturer advertises this model with bagging and mulching capabilities, it is important to do it yourself to ensure that.


  • Powerful motor
  • Wide 52-inch cutting deck;
  • 13 cutting modes for cutting;
  • Rapid forward and reverse motion;
  • A comfortable chair with shoulder straps.


  • The attachment for the Mulching isn’t included.

Quick Mowing Tips For Starters

  • Test drive

Try driving your mower on your driveway before cutting your lawn. This helps prevent any damage to your property. It also allows you to learn how to manoeuvre your zero-turn safely.

  • Stop, Pivot, and Turn

Here’s the method you use to mow your lawn for those new mowers that zero turn. You cut your grass in straight lines, stop before pivoting, and then make a turn to mow straight lines again. This is an easy method which allows you to cut your lawn in a precise manner. But, if you’re mowing on a damp or dewy lawn, it is recommended to walk outside. This will prevent your mower from digging in the soil, which can leave unwelcome footprints on the lawn.

  • Straight downhill, mow.

Zero-turns aren’t equipped to cut grass on hills or slopes steeper than fifteen degrees. While the top ZTR can handle an incline of 15 degrees, the most secure is an angle of 10 degrees. This is the standard roadside incline. Visit this link for more details on the best zero-turn mowers to climb hills.

When mowing downhill, don’t change direction or pivot your zero-turn. A simple turn is okay. However, any hard turn could be risky even if you wear rollover protection. Make a downward slope with a lower throttle. This will decrease how fast the mower blades are turning. This allows you to mow more easily downhill while still getting the clean-cut characteristic of z-turn.

  • Don’t cut it too short.

We all enjoy cutting our grass to the smallest possible height. However, it can be detrimental due to:

  1. Cut too low, and you could push pebbles, rocks, and other small items into the mower, causing injury
  2. The soft spots that appear on your lawn may result in uncut grass
  3. Low grass can make the soil’s moisture evaporate rapidly
  4. Short grass is easy to dry out
  5. Short grass encourages weed growth
  • Place your clippings that have been disposed of where they belong.

It’s tempting to remove your lawn’s clippings to have a clean and gorgeous lawn. Even if you don’t, your lawn is perfect and smooth. Keep your clippings away from the sun to help keep the freshly cut grass, which will not lose water under the scorching sunlight. The clippings are also tiny enough and easy to break down, nourishing the soil.


Zero-turn radius lawnmowers can be efficient and time-saving. They are also cost-effective as they have more utility, so purchasing one is one of the most profitable investments you can make in your life, particularly if you’re bored of the slow-riding mowers that take more effort and time when cutting corners.

The ZTR mentioned above are among the top on the market, especially in the under $4000 and include all the features you need to have to ensure you get the most efficient mowing.

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