Best Acoustic Guitars Under $2000

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $2000 – Pros,Cons & Buying Guide

If you’re searching for an acoustic guitar designed to last for a long time, look at the selection below. One thing to note about these guitars is how attractive the prices range from $800 and upwards to around $2000, making them suitable for beginners and experienced players.

Another essential aspect to consider is durability. Because of its low resonance, the likelihood of your guitar not lasting for as long as you’d prefer (especially when you’re just starting) are virtually nonexistent when you have these high-quality instruments. Furthermore, all the analyzed models have excellent control options for Tone; it’s essential when picking the right agency!

To top it off, These guitars also sport an elegant design that is frequently left out in this price range. Without further delay, we’ll look at the top acoustic guitars for under $2000!

If you’re in the market for an acoustic guitar of the highest quality and want to make the best choice and not overspend your money, this article is for you!

With my 25+ years of playing guitar and studying, I’ve concluded that Taylor 312ce 12-Fret is the most affordable acoustic guitar for under $2000. This is due to its ingenious design and playability. It also has its sonic versatility, as well as its commitment of Taylor to the environment.

This guitar could not be the perfect one for your needs; therefore, look carefully!

Below is a list of top acoustic guitars for under $2000 is broken down into categories according to your requirements as a musician.

Whether you’re an intermediate or experienced player looking for something more than what they’re currently playing, We’ve got some fantastic suggestions here.

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $2000

Martin 000-15M

Martin 000-15M

Like Taylor, C.F. Martin is well-known worldwide for its exceptional manufacturing and skill in building Acoustic guitars. The Martin 000-15M is a masterwork in every aspect. The 000-15M is an absolute bargain which is why it offers Martin artistry without an obnoxious cost. The mid-sized guitar has excellent volume, balance, and projection, making it ideal for strumming or finger-style players. The mahogany wood’s darker color helps the guitar stand out and be crowded. If you’re looking for outstanding tonal or exceptional quality, I don’t doubt you’ll love this guitar. Martin 000-15M.

The Martin 000-15M features the complete Mahogany body, dense hardwood with warm tones. Mahogany’s tonewood character will give a powerful yet well-balanced style accentuated by the mid-range. As mahogany ages, it tends to develop an energizing, vibrant tone, which will continue to alter as it ages. Martin utilizes a nitrocellulose finish that feels amazing when held in your hands. It’s remarkably smooth, making it possible to move quickly when sliding across the fretboard without getting your thumb stuck. Martin utilizes nickel open-geared instruments with butterbean tuning knobs. This offers a fashionable method to ensure that the guitar is in tune is not a problem. Like their rivals, Martin is also aware that a brand new guitar can be a significant purchase, and they’d like you to keep the investment safe by providing the hardshell case.

This Martin guitar is excellent for anyone looking to have a guitar that’s an all-purpose guitar that allows the guitar’s sound to be a perfect fit for small-group performances and solo performances that can change between flat-picking, fingerpicking, and strumming yet sound great.

Estimated Price: $1500

Body Type: Grand Auditorium

Top Wood: Mahogany

Back and Sides: Mahogany

Neck Material: Mahogany

Fretboard Material: East Indian Rosewood

Body Bracing: A-Frame X-Bracing

Finish: Nitrocellulose Satin

Taylor 312ce 12-Fret

Taylor 312ce 12-Fret

Let’s face it, most people who are intermediate or advanced guitarists seeking an acoustic guitar for about $2000 are practicing at home.

If you’re anything like me, I’m not searching for a racer or something that can project across my entire home.

I’m searching for a device with which I can enjoy my time on my couch, in my bedroom, or create a song.

To this end, I’ve chosen the Taylor 312ce as my Editor’s Choice.

Taylor Guitars doesn’t need any explanation since they’re one of the best producers of acoustic guitars. They currently produce the most consistent top-quality, reliable and playable musical instruments.

It is a smaller (24.875″) 12-fret grand concert acoustic-electric guitar. The advantage of the compact body is that it has less tension in the strings creating a “slinky” feeling that is enjoyable to play.

It is also comfortable in your arms, whether on a traditional stool or sofa. It’s incredibly lightweight and offers incredible audio quality.

The 312ce features a traditional tonewood blend comprising a solid Sitka spruce top and sturdy Sapele sides. The guitar also comes with the innovative V-Class Bracing technology from Taylor that gives the guitar impressive projection for a smaller-bodied guitar, excellent intonation, and note sustained.

I discovered that Ebony’s fingerboard is as smooth as butter, and I can quickly slide between the neck of the guitar. The ability to play chord inversions and lead lines is an easy task with this instrument.

It’s also a gorgeously understated guitar in terms of its features and maintains a timeless acoustic look.

The only downside is that the nut’s width is relatively large in the range of 1.75″. If you’re a bit smaller or aren’t exceptionally experienced as players, the neck may appear chunky when you’re in open positions.

The Tone of this guitar may seem a bit contemporary and bright for certain people’s ears.

But what if you’re searching for a flawlessly constructed multi-instrumental guitar that can sound and play great? If that’s the situation, this article does not need to be read further. It is recommended to purchase Taylor 312ce. Taylor 312ce; you won’t be dissatisfied!


  • Amazing sound and responsiveness
  • The ebony fingerboard is as smooth as butter and is easy to play on
  • It’s fun! You’ll be smiling whenever you play this guitar
  • Play for hours and not become tired or aching your fingers


  • The neck might be too large for those with smaller hands.
  • The sound of this guitar could be too high-end for users who want a more traditional acoustic.
Taylor 317E

Taylor 317E

Best For Folk Performers

If you’re seeking the top Acoustic guitars, Taylor is a great brand to consider first. The company was the first to introduce the Grand Auditorium body design and an incredibly versatile guitar. It’s big enough to provide a balanced sound and a precise low-end but not so big that it creates feedback problems when plugged in.

The 317E isn’t Taylor’s trademark design. This model is an elongated dreadnought with a round shoulder, which means it has more sound than most Grand Auditorium builds.

The guitar also comes with Taylor’s V-class bracing system, which some players regard as an improvement over traditional X bracing in Modern Acoustics. The bracing style allows more space on the soundboard, allowing it to vibrate freely and provide an even more lively sound.

The minimalist design is made of solid Sitka spruce. The sides and back are constructed out of Sapele solid. The tonewood is a lower-cost alternative that blends the best characteristics of Indian mahogany and rosewood, making it a versatile option.

Since the battleship with a sloped shoulder is a traditional body shape for the folk genre, we believe it’s the most suitable choice for folk artists. We rate it four stars out of five.


  • Solid Sitka tops made of spruce create a very flexible tone
  • Taylor’s Expression System 2 is one of the top available pickup systems.
  • The wide-waisted, modified design makes a distinct sound.


  • Some players might not appreciate the body’s sloped shoulder
  • Sapele isn’t the most expensive tonewood, and some players might prefer rosewood or mahogany.
Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster

Fender Acoustasonic Stratocaster

First, let’s look at an instrument that is one of the most debated available on the market. You’re going to be in love or disdain this guitar, without a doubt. Its American Acoustasonic Stratocaster embodies the spirit of creativity. It comes with a top of spruce and mahogany, as well as sides and back that produce a truly versatile and warm sound. Additionally, it’s equipped with the SIRS patent-pending (Stringed SIRS, an instrument resonance system). Fender can be described as an absolute leader in guitar makers. In all honesty, I believe that this guitar is incredible. Whether you like the design, we need to acknowledge that it is a great-sounding instrument. Some people might find it the best guitar for under 2000 dollars. Below is a brief sample. Do you agree?

Taylor 314ce Acoustic Guitar

Taylor 314ce Acoustic Guitar

Time for a Taylor! The 314ce is a model that features the brand’s signature shape; that is, the Grand Auditorium makes it highly versatile and provides that distinctive loud Taylor sound. The 314ce guitar can be used for various styles of playing, from fingerstyle to strumming. Taylor 314ce is an excellent choice for those looking for an instrument they can play anywhere.

As with all Taylor guitars available, the 314ce features a solid Sitka spruce top that produces well-articulated notes with the full dynamic range. The sides and back are constructed from Sapele, a rapidly growing and highly sustainable hardwood from West Africa. It has a similar tone to mahogany, but Sapele is a slightly higher-quality sound, with more excellent sparkle on the top of the spectrum due to its more excellent density wood. The combination of Sitka Sapele and spruce produces an even and consistent tone across the range.

The neck is made of tropical mahogany, and the fretboard is constructed from authentic African Ebony. This Taylor 314ce’s Venetian cutaway lets you gain access to the top frets.

The Taylor 314ce project works exceptionally well; every note is clearly defined. If you’re looking for more, consider an Expression System 2 with a behind-the-saddle pickup for the most natural amplifying you can get.


  • Best Taylor acoustic for under $2000
  • The neck is comfortable and playable.
  • A well-balanced, balanced tone


  • There is no onboard tuner
  • The look is too familiar for the Price.
Martin D-16RGT

Martin D-16RGT

The Martin D-16RGT acoustic guitar is a stunning instrument offering excellent value for money. It is ideal for players from intermediate to advanced. Its features include solid mahogany tops side and back, rosewood bridge, fingerboard, and die-cast tuners. The quality of the sound is outstanding, with excellent sound and projection.

One of the great things about the guitar is its playing ability. It’s simple to get up to speed and comfortable when you hold it. The action is smooth and quiet, which makes it ideal for playing slides. Overall the Martin D-16RGT is an excellent acoustic instrument that will please even the most demanding player. If you’re searching for an affordable device that plays and sounds like a million dollars, it’s worth looking into.

Gibson L-00 Studio

Gibson L-00 Studio

Did you think we had finished with Gibson? Not! Gibson also launched or, should I say, re-released their L00 range of guitars. During that release, they also introduced a budget-friendly model, the L-00 Studio, priced at around $1500. Although the model is identical in material to the G-45 I mentioned earlier, it has a few essential distinct differences. The L-00 is an all-concert model, which makes it smaller than the G-45. It is more suited to the hands of those who are less sized than me, and yet, even with its smaller size, the sound quality and clarity of the Tone are outstanding. The L-00 is a perfect instrument. The guitar is clear and has clear highs; you will not get that tremendous low-end Tone that you’d typically get from a dreadnought or similar-looking guitar with a more extensive body. The L-00 comes from the American Gibson Acoustic guitar manufactured at the Bozeman, Montana Facility, and with it, American quality comes everything you recognize and appreciate from Gibson.

Similar to the G-45 is constructed from Sitka walnut and spruce and walnut, the L-00 has the same characteristics. The tonewoods used in the production of the L-00 have the same snappy, slick quality that you may see in other tonewoods like maple, however, at a lower cost. The L-00 also comes with miniature Grover Rotomatic tuning tuners so that you’ll be set to go out from the box, and maintaining your guitar’s tune won’t be a problem. Gibson has decided to include another color option, with their walnut burst, which breaks away from the traditional natural antique finish. However, it’s priced more expensive at $1650.00. Another excellent option for the L-00 studio model is the Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer, which is very comfortable on the skin and gives this guitar a gorgeous sparkle. The L-00 also has a simpler inlay using simple mother-of-pearl dot inlays. Gibson has included an accessory case with this model, too. Also included is an exquisite leather hardshell case along with the L-00 model as well.

The L-00 can also be equipped using a Fishman Sonitone pickup that sits under the guitar’s saddle. Although it has a more petite body, it is still awesome sounding Sonitone has a fantastic EQ range. The L-00 also comes with a soundhole-mounted control for Tone and volume, which gives you a more accessible option to alter the Tone and volume without making any compromises on the sound or Tone.

I’d highly recommend the Gibson L-00 Studio for smaller users who want an even, specific sound and are looking for an excellent instrument that can be used for chord strumming and fingerstyle.

Estimated Price: $1850

Body Type: L-OO

Top Wood: Sitka Spruce

Back and Sides: Walnut

Neck Material: Mahogany

Fretboard Material: Walnut

Body Bracing: Traditional Hand Scalloped X-bracing

Finish: Nitrocellulose

Yamaha AC5R

Yamaha AC5R

This Japanese handmade all-solid wood guitar is ideal for strummers and strummers across all genres of music.

The AC5R is exceptionally light and resonant, featuring a whole, warm Tone. It’s outfitted with Yamaha’s legendary SRT2 pickup system that includes an under-saddle piezo pickup as well as two microphone modeling outputs that are high-end. This allows you to have an incredible range of Tone and flexibility when you’re connected.

If you’re searching for the best value for dollars when purchasing an acoustic instrument, look no further than the Yamaha AC5R!

It’s odd to declare “Best for Budget” when looking for the top Acoustic guitar that costs less than $2000. But it’s true that the Yamaha AC5R is the most value for money.

Its Yamaha AC5R Acoustic guitar is a great instrument. It’s a solid-wood, hand-crafted Japanese instrument that is incredibly sounding.

It’s also significantly cheaper than instruments from US-based guitar producers. Similar guitars like the Yamaha AC5R could easily cost more than $2,000.

The concert acoustic-electric guitar in this model is light, resonant, warm, and full-tone. It’s a versatile instrument that can be played by guitarists and strummers of every genre of music.

The guitar’s warm, clear sound is created by aging the Sitka Sitka spruce top artificially aging. This produces the sound that typically takes many years, not even decades, to get.

The build for this instrument is beautiful and uses the traditional tonewood paired with an oblong spruce top. The sides and back are solid Indian Rosewood, with an African Mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard.

AC5R AC5R is an electric acoustic guitar with performance artists in the back of their minds. It features Yamaha’s renowned SRT2 guitar pickup. It’s an under-saddle piezo pickup with two outputs of premium microphones that you can mix to create a fantastic tonal quality that can be plugged in.

If you’re looking for the most affordable acoustic guitar that will give you high-end Price, durability, and Tone, The Yamaha AC5R is an excellent choice!


  • High-quality Japanese artistry with excellent Tone and sound
  • It’s an instrument that can be played by any player and styles
  • It uses the SRT2 pickup system, allows for the most authentic amplified sound
  • It’s so simple to make beautiful music using this guitar


  • It’s not the most beautiful guitar featured on this list.
  • The structure, particularly in the bracings, could be improved.

Buying Guide for the Best Acoustic Guitar Under 2000

The cost of a purchase that is 2,000 dollars is a considerable investment. When it comes time to purchase guitars online, it could be a challenge due to the models, brands, and styles.

If you’re not convinced that you need to buy an expensive guitar, don’t purchase one. Keep playing with the instrument you already have, and keep working on your playing skills and techniques.

A guitar within the $1,000 to 2,000 price range is geared for intermediate to professional players looking to take their game up to the next step, possibly beyond.

If you’ve got the confidence to recognize the type of guitar you’re looking for, do you think about spending the money on an attractive, brand-new guitar?

Why isn’t this article covering an array of brands for guitars?

My list has been narrowed to the categories from which most players could benefit.

But, many other excellent guitars are worthy of consideration from various brands. I have written an article about the most popular Acoustic Guitar Brands that can be read to aid you in your research.

The buying guide below can help you narrow down other choices that best meet your requirements.

Body Shape

As guitarists, we tend to shop through our eyes rather than with our ears. We may gravitate toward the distinct look of a particular guitar style but be unsure about the kind of Tone that individual body shapes create.

The below list will outline the general features of the significant body kinds of acoustic guitar construction.


The dreadnought body style is the most popular body type. It’s likely to be what you envision when you think of an Acoustic.

They are loud and often come with a vast high-frequency and fat bass. However, this focus on the lower end maybe with an unnatural mid-range. This can lead to a lack of articulation in chords.

Members of bands that include other loud instruments can gain from the Dreadnought body design.


A traditional guitar has experienced a revival in popularity since its peak in the latter half of the 18th century. It has an elongated waist, a smaller length of the scale as well as a slimmer body.

They’re not powerful. They make up what they don’t have in volume with clarity and punch.

Parlors are very popular with guitarists because they are fun to play and easy to get an excellent sound.

Parlor guitar’s worn-in vintage sound appeals to the blues, folk, fingerstyle, and recording guitarist.

Grand Concert

Grand Concert Grand Concert is a fantastic instrument for singer-songwriters and solo artists. It gives a cozy sound, with a balanced and focused sound.

They’re also great guitars for finger-style guitarists and more light strummers. The small, pinch-waist guitar style responds quickly and requires only a tiny amount of input to get it to sing.

If you strum hard, the sound of the grand concert acoustic guitar is prone to diminish.

Grand Auditorium

The Grand Auditorium body style is the most sought-after and versatile of the best Acoustic guitars.

The guitar body designs typically have a cutaway that allows the easy playing of more advanced or modern playing styles, particularly in the upper frets.

You’re trying to find the most influential acoustic guitar, considered a “swiss-army knife,” and can perform well in any genre and style of playing. If so, you should consider a Grand Auditorium body as your search’s primary focus.


The Jumbo-sized acoustic guitar is an ideal combination of grand concert and dreadnought. Jumbo guitars offer the loudness and projection of a battleship while also having the rich, balanced sound of small-bodied guitars for show.

The waistband’s pinched shape makes the sound more articulated, allowing massive cowboy chords to sound with clarity and surprisingly balanced.

On the other hand, Jumbos are massive instruments that may be difficult to play for players with smaller frame sizes.

Pickups or No Pickups

The majority of acoustic guitars priced under 2000 will have an electronic component as well as a pickup. Most of them, at this price point, will be capable of amplifying the acoustic sound that your instrument produces.

But, suppose that you don’t require electronics on your guitar. If that’s an option, you may usually find a top-quality guitar for less because there aren’t any electronics on the guitar.

Some guitar models come with a non-electronic version. However, when looking for the top acoustic guitar under 2000, locating an instrument without electronics will usually provide you with a better guitar and save you cost.


What makes acoustic guitars within the 1000-2,000 price range worthwhile? Construction and manufacturing.

Most guitars within this price bracket will have all solid wood models. All solid wood guitars are more sound-quality than the laminate construction used in lower-priced guitars.

Some guitars that are priced in this range come with laminated backs and sides as opposed to solid wood. In most cases, in the guitar specifications, even if it’s not stated that the wood is solid or laminated, it’s likely to be laminated.

Laminate woods are less susceptible to warping and cracking because of weather conditions. Although laminate is generally considered inferior, it’s not always the right choice.

As you hit the $2,000 level, you’re paying for the quality of a guitar that sounds as good as possible. While laminate guitars aren’t necessarily bad, you should look for an all-solid wood guitar if you can and know how to take care of it properly so it lasts for the rest of your life.


The most important thing to consider when purchasing an electric or an acoustic guitar is whether the company you’re dealing with has ethical and environmentally friendly business practices.

Deforestation is the cause of around 1/5 of all global greenhouse gas emissions. It’s been suggested that illegal logging is responsible for up to 40% of the wood used( 1).

When buying a guitar, think about its impact on our planet. Similar to Taylor, the makers of acoustic guitars are at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing practices ( 2).

A little extra to ensure a responsible supply chain, from the raw materials to the artisans who build your guitar, is worth the cost.


The selection of the woods that can produce the desired sound is essential. Tonewoods significantly influence the sound of acoustic guitars, not only their appearance and quality.

Soundboard (Topwood)

The soundboard is the primary tonewood of the construction of an acoustic instrument. It directly impacts the guitar’s Tone, dynamics, and playing ability.

The most sought-after Soundboard Tonewoods include:

  • Spruce: versatile and lively.
  • Mahogany produces warm, woody tones, with natural compression of the sound.
  • Koa: Gorgeous and has a bright sound.
  • The Cedar is a softwood that has an immediate response but does not have an outstanding dynamic range.

Body Wood

The sides and body of the guitar give a different taste and “seasoning” to the Tone.

The most popular woods for sides and body are:

  • Rosewood: Rosewood emphasizes the high and low ends. Smiley face EQ curve.
  • Mahogany: Provides articulation and depth to the mid-range while also helping with projection.
  • Sapele is a sustainable mahogany substitute.
  • Maple: A neutral and a bit bright tonewood with an excellent prognosis.
  • Koa: Fantastic forecast and high-end increase to the overall sound.
  • Walnut: A more earthy version of maple that provides excellent sustain to a guitar’s sound.


Most frequently asked questions on expensive guitars.

What is the most beautiful thing about playing Acoustic guitar?

It’s all dependent on the features you want in the guitar. Some individuals might prefer the more mellow sound of a guitar with a cedar top. On the other hand, some people might like a spruce top guitar’s vibrant, clear sound.

One of the most critical aspects that determine the Tone of an acoustic guitar is the kind of wood used to make the top. This can affect the Tone of the guitar the most and, based on your preferences, could create a guitar that sounds more or less pleasing according to your ears.

What’s the difference between a guitar and $2000?

Certain factors could make an instrument worth $2000. The quality of the construction and the materials used are crucial, as are the improved volume of Tone and playing ability.

Additionally, acoustic guitars that reach the $1,000 to 2,000 dollar price range begin with particular playing styles and tones. They’re not serving many customers but to the specific needs of a guitarist.

It’s ultimately the purchaser’s responsibility to decide how much an instrument is worth. If you’re looking to purchase a high-quality device that will last for a long time investing $2000 in an appliance could be worth it.

If you’re just beginning your journey and don’t have much money, a less expensive guitar could be the best option.

What’s the reason there aren’t any 12-string guitars on this list?

I didn’t include any guitars with 12-strings in my list since these are more of a niche instrument.

However, I’ve created an additional article entitled which will assist you in identifying some excellent choices!

Features to Expect in an Acoustic Guitar Under $2000

This amount of money means you will get a decent profit on investment. From a feature perspective, you should look for these:

  • The tonewood of high-quality (Indian Koa or Rosewood) are good choices. Koa are usually good choices)
  • At the very least, an unfinished top (the less laminate, the more durable)
  • Electronics from third parties (Fishman, LR Baggs, etc.)
  • It will require only a few or none of the installation (i.e., actions should be already at a low level)
  • Astonishing sound and play feel high-end


It’s a fact that once you reach four figures, it’s an enormous amount of money being poured into your acoustic guitar. However, this is a standard sum to pay, particularly when purchasing one of the most popular Acoustic guitars that cost less than 2000 dollars.

Even if you’re not a professional, maybe just an intermediate guitarist, we’d suggest these guitars because their playing experience is superior to guitars in cheaper cost ranges.

If you’re not convinced that one of the three recommended acoustics will suit you, look at the search results based on brands. I’d be shocked to find nothing you like.

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