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Best 4k Projector Under 2000 – Buying Guide & Features

When first projectors became accessible, they were not beyond the reach of most people. Suppose you come across a moderate-price model that is likely to lack features. The times have changed, and you can now purchase the most powerful projector for less than $2000, which is loaded with options and features and has excellent image quality.

Today 4K resolution is fast becoming the norm for TVs and projectors. Our recommendations will give you a stunning solution for images and high HD image quality, an easy setup for those new to using projectors, and a great gaming experience. We’ve got you covered whether you need home theater projectors or an ultra-short-throw model for PowerPoint presentations.

If you’re looking for the top features from a single projector, then $2000 is a fantastic value. You can choose from a variety of projectors in this price range, including LCD and DLP laser, as well as some of the gorgeous short-throw projectors.

Image quality is essential for a 4K projector priced under $2,000. It’s not worth buying an affordable home projector if the image quality isn’t stunning. The input lag issue is common for gamers, and most models are designed to address this issue. Also, you should look for a projector that is easy to install.

We’ve reviewed nine of the most powerful 4K projectors. Each has its own set of pros and pros. This makes it simpler to decide which one you want to take to your home.

Best 4k Projector Under 2000

Epson Home Cinema 4010 4K PRO-UHD Projector

Epson Home Cinema 4010 4K PRO-UHD Projector

The best projector for less than $2,000 isn’t a simple task. However, it’s not impossible. The Epson Home Cinema 4010 is the ideal place to start. It can support 4K resolution and offers the most optimal experience in terms of image quality and clarity.

The manufacturer has used HDR color processing and a precision glass lens to ensure optimal image clarity. The contrast ratio ensures that the range of colors is seen from every angle.

Although the projector’s size isn’t unique, the brightness is adequate for use in large, well-lit rooms. The three-chip projection system prevents problems with rainbows from occurring.

Lens shifting is possible, and the lens can be moved between 96% and 96% along the vertical axis and 47% on the horizontal. Thanks to the ten preset of memory, you can quickly remember various adjustments. The projector is heavy and bulky. However, it’s incredibly robust and stable. It comes with a couple of HDMI clamp cables included with the item, which is an excellent feature.

What’s different? A projector is an excellent option for your home theater. This projector will satisfy your expectations if you plan to watch movies or sports.

What pros did we discover? The remote is atypically large for the size of a projector. We hope that the maker will make it smaller in future versions.


  • Technology for display: 3LCD
  • Brightness: 2400 lumens
  • Contrast:200,000:1
  • Resolution:4K
  • Screen size:100-120 inches
  • Warranty:2-year
BenQ TK800M 4K UHD Projector

BenQ TK800M 4K UHD Projector

BenQ TK800M 4K is the top 4K projector for less than $2000. It is a high-end projector that provides a greater level of splendor. The model is known for its ability to differentiate between ranges, image enhancement, and low input lag, bringing out all the details of 4K video.

Cornerstone revisions make it simple to expand the picture on almost any size screen. Football Picture Mode makes a shocking, sensational experience.

Football Sound Mode is one distinctive feature that makes this model stand out from the crowd.

The device is boosted through HDR10 as well as HLG-enabled content. It is a great help to utilize BenQ elite projectors that are advanced in HDR.

Full HD 1080p with 4K UHD reduces pixel blur and delivers stunning shots of lush green grass, precise close-ups, and all the exquisite details. TK800M is also equipped with a progressive 0.47 single-DMD DLP for the projector’s small profile that is suitable for daily use.

Compared to a similar-specced version, the BenQ corresponds to the TK800M and offers better value for money.

The TK850 includes improvements in the reproduction of colors and zoom options and offers a 98 percent color Rec rating, but the price is higher.

The TK800M packs 95 percent of the features at a significant price reduction.

Although its specs aren’t nearly as impressive as that of the TK850, these are minor distinctions that people will not be able to notice. It’s still capable of playing games or watching films and sports.

You can easily watch motion and sports images and play the enhanced gaming experience for gamers. Another significant advantage of the BenQ TK800M in 4K UHD is that BenQ color capabilities blend various high-visual brightness or distinct hues.

Furthermore, the TK800M enhances the enjoyment of watching the Big Game, playing games, and watching your favorite 4K television shows, providing you with the most comfortable seats.


  • 1.1x zoom accessible space
  • Single-DMD 47” DLP
  • Professionally square image
  • Brightness 3000 Lumens
  • 4K UHD resolution


  • Accurate 4K UHD bright result Energizing game matches Light in weight 3000 lumens Separate modes for indoor and outdoor.


  • Overloaded with brightness
BenQ TK850

BenQ TK850

A Perfect 4K Home Theater Projector

If you’re searching for a projector that can deliver excellent quality of color and resolution in 4K, you should consider the BenQ TK850. It’s a projector with a lot of features similar to its predecessors.

The BenQ TK850 has 98 percent Rec.709 3000 lumens of brightness, a dynamic contrast ratio of 30000:1, and HDR-PRO technology allows for high-quality clarity and vibrant color. Images.

For the Dual 5W in-built speaker, you’ll be amazed by the sound and image quality. Thanks to its 1.3x zoom ratio and automatic keystone vertical adjustments, images will be effortlessly focused on any projector screen with no effort.


  • Hardware Interfaces: HDMI, USB Type-A, USB Type mini-B
  • Dimensions (W H x W) 19 x 15.1 7.7 inches. 7.7 inches
  • Net Weight: 4.3 kg
  • Lamp Type: DLP
  • Warranty 3 years of warranty
  • Control Method: Remote


  • Brightness 3000 Lumens
  • 15000 hours of lamp life
  • 4K UHD Resolution
  • Screen Size: 30”-300”
  • Contrast Ratio: 30000:1
  • Auto Keystone Corrections
  • Zoom Ratio of 1.3x
  • 3D-ready


  • Many ways to enjoy every single piece of content
  • Three thousand lumens of brightness
  • Fantastic HDR performance
  • 4K UHD Resolution
  • Longer life of the lamp
  • A more detailed and darker image for a vibrant Iris.


  • Only the vertical keystone adjustment
  • The relatively high input lag of 83.34 milliseconds
XGIMI Horizon Pro 2200 ANSI Lumens 4K Projector

XGIMI Horizon Pro 2200 ANSI Lumens 4K Projector

If you’re seeking the best 4K projector for less than $2,000, then the Xgimi Horizon Pro is an excellent choice. It’s a leap over the Xgimi Horizon intelligent projector with a native resolution of 1080p.

The Simi Horizon Pro has a native resolution of 4K that provides stunningly sharp visual clarity. One single projector can produce 4K images, provide high-quality audio with Harman Kardon’s speaker, and work with Android television.

Additionally, this Xgimi Horizon Pro has a 2200-lumen LED light source, which is brighter than a standard projector. Its LED light source stays cool compared to a typical Light bulb-based projector and lasts up to 250,000 hours.

It has a simple setup in comparison to a standard projector. It automatically adjusts to the screen’s size when it’s turned on. It performs all image changes, including keystone corrections, auto tracking, obstacle avoidance, and automatic alignment of the screen.


  • Harman Kardon speakers, as well as Android TV
  • Reduced temperature
  • Long-lasting LED light source
  • Impressive design
  • The brightness of 2200 lumens.


  • The remote has a few buttons that are not available on the control.


The LG HU70LA is the most powerful projector for under $2000 because of its UHD resolution. It also offers the ultimate 4K experience, along with the experience of a smart TV.

In terms of aesthetics, this projector has a sleek and simple appearance and weighs under 7.5lbs.

The LG model can be positioned in various locations, for example, the floor or table mount, which allows it to be fixed permanently.

At the top of this device is a zoom focus the ring, power button, and menu buttons control the projector.

The LG has also included the magic remote’ feature that lets you control volume, channels, and settings, and you can play any music or movie using Google’s Voice Assistant feature.

Concerning image quality, HDR10 and 4kDLP chips produce more realistic and vivid image quality on the projection screen thanks to the aid of LED lamps.

Additionally, the image quality was excellent when using the cinema mode setting when projected in dim light conditions. When the stage was set to sports mode, the images appeared to have more than adequate brightness, which is evident in the afternoon.

When we turned off the energy-saving mode while watching films, I could not see any rainbow effects on the screen, despite this model’s DLP chip.

In the movie conjuring 2, it was clear that the levels of black were more intense due to the contrast ratio of 150,000:1, which can make the experience more enjoyable.

When I switched the LG Hu70LA from sports mode into cinema mode under natural conditions, the pictures weren’t as bright as they were in sports mode.

The fan’s noise increases after using the projector for a couple of hours. You will hear it when the internal speakers are used, and the sound is not as good.

In the rear of the projector are several ports. Two USB ports, 2 HDMI 2.0 ports, An antenna input, USB-C ports, an optical output, the 3.5mm audio output jack, and an Ethernet port.

It includes LG WebOS that comes loaded with numerous pre-installed programs such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and more.


  • Easy to set up
  • It’s got a lamp lifespan of 30,000 hours. You run it in Eco Mode.
  • It has WiFi as well as Bluetooth feature.
  • High-quality 4K images provide the best visual experience.


  • Power cord for small appliances.
  • The speakers’ sound is not up to par.
  • It is not designed for gaming because of its long rate of input lag.
Optoma UHD50X

Optoma UHD50X

If you are looking for a completely sensing projector that costs less than $2,000, The Optoma UHD50X is the best option. It’s the most powerful 4K projector, providing the highest quality entertainment for gaming, office, and educational use.

The Optoma UHD50X has the most impressive 240Hz refresh speed and a 16ms response speed, making it a perfect game projector. This is because modern games need less latency and more refresh rates for the game to appear comfortable and smooth.

The “Enhanced Gaming Mode The Enhanced Gaming Mode on this projector will ensure you have the best accuracy in color and top quality of output when playing contemporary games. This is the ultimate gaming projector that costs less than $2,000.

Furthermore, the projector has 3400 light, making it the ideal option for use in a dark room and moderately bright space.

In terms of its appearance, the OptomaUHD50X is a minimalist design with a slim body colored white. It weighs 9 pounds and comes with essential controls on the top, with the lens shift and zoom dials.

The dial for focus is placed in the front, along with the lens, and an IR receiver to the right. The back offers a range of options for connectivity, including VGA out, HDMI 2.0, HDMI 1.4, USB power out S/PDIF, 12V output, and audio in and out ports. This projector can play HDR content via HDMI 2.0. HDMI 2.0 connection.

Many 4K projectors on the market utilize pixels-shifting technology and 1080p resolution to produce a 4K picture, but this is not the actual 4K resolution. However, the Optoma UDH50X has a native 4K resolution, which ensures you have the highest image quality when enjoying 4K content. Talking about performance, the OptomaUHD50X is a true workhorse. It provides the highest quality display quality in 4K HDR screen display for content. So, playing games on this projector that has a 100-inch screen is extremely enjoyable.

However, HDR support will also enhance the quality of your television series or film viewing experience, making it the most influential TV projector for under $2000. When you watch your favorite video content, you will have the highest image quality that is difficult to match with another projector within this price bracket.

In addition, the bright 3400 lumens brightness enables the screen to function during daylight hours and in an office setting.


  • Native 4K resolution projector
  • 240Hz refresh rate
  • 16.4ms response time
  • Light and compact
  • Ideal for games, films, and presentations


  • It has a longer boot time.
  • It gets heated after prolonged usage.
Optoma GT1090HDR

Optoma GT1090HDR

Optoma GT1090HDR is among the top short-throw projectors priced under 2000. It needs a 4-foot distance to project an image at least 120 inches onto the screen. Furthermore, unlike many projectors with similar costs, the Otopma GT1090HDR is equipped with an innovative laser light source technology that promises 30000 light source hours of the entire HD content.

With the Full HD native resolution (1920x1080p), the Optoma, the HT1090HDR supports 4K HDR input while keeping the input lag to as little as possible. Although the projector is equipped using laser-based light sources, the projector provides 4200 light bulbs of brightness. Additionally, it has a 300,000:1 contrast. Thus, the image displayed on the screen is crisp, detailed, and sharp.


  • Short throw projection 100” from 3.5 feet
  • Laser light source, no rainbow
  • Amazing picture quality
  • Very bright and influential in the ambient Light
  • Low input Lag
  • Its quiet fan


  • There is no Zoom feature.


Which 4K projector is suitable for brighter lighting?

If you intend to utilize the projector in sunlight, an output of more than 3500 lumens is a good option.

What’s what is the main difference between 1080p and 4k projectors?

The difference between 1080p and 4k models is merely resolution and a more excellent contrast ratio. In 4K, you’ll have a more precise brightness without sacrificing pixel quality.

Are 4K projectors worth it?

I’ll be brief and straightforward. Everyone wants to stay with the old-fashioned technology of viewing originally black and white images.

The same is true for when you can afford a 4k projector, you should always try to buy it as we’ll be seeing 8k projectors in the near future.

What else could be crucial?

Let’s look at the other aspects that can be crucial when selecting projectors less than $2,000:

Inputs – the most common choices usually comprise USB and HDMI ports. You might have one or two of them. Other than that, HDCP ports and VGA cables could be your options.

Other connectivity options are available – specific devices allow connections with intelligent televisions. Others enable sharing of the screen from a different machine using WiFi.

The manufacturer typically provides the projector as well as the cord. However, they may also consist of HDMI cables, remote control cables, cable clamps, and other items.

3D support – this is an option to view 3D films and other media on your projector. It is important to note that you will likely require 3D glasses on your own.

Buying Guide: The most important aspects to be considered before buying a 2000 projector

I assure you that you don’t have to buy costly projectors unless they’re on your list. The lamp life of these projectors will justify the investment. So, I suggest you focus on elements and projectors that meet your needs. To do this, you must read my buying guide to understand the essential features your $1000 projector should have.

  1. Technology for display

If we examine specifications for a projector, it must be a display system for that particular projector. Because various types of display technology for projectors are available, selecting the right one is a difficult task. But, this only applies to low-cost projectors priced under $100. The most expensive projectors have costly displays. They come in three kinds: LCD, LCoS, and DLP.


You are probably aware of the acronym Liquid Crystal Display. It is one of the most dependable and cost-effective displays available. Although it’s the most popular, LCD technology is still the most effective choice for a home theater projection. But, over time, LCD technology has been upgraded to 3LCD, a more advanced and superior technology that provides better quality images.


Displays with DLP are another popular kind of display in the digital world. It is short in the form of Digital Light Processing. The best thing about this display is its 3D capability. It’s hard to imagine the same display using LCDs. But, DLP is expensive and displays a subtle rainbow effect.


LCoS is a particular type of LCD and DLP(in most instances). It is the abbreviation for Liquid Crystal On Silicon. It is based on similar technology to LCD; however, it separates the Light spectrum into RGB. So, the overall picture quality is better with this kind of device.

Verdict: Which display tech is the most efficient for under $2,000?

If you are looking for an item that is the most suitable for 3D projectors, DLP will work perfectly. However, LCoS and LCD are ideal for projectors for home theaters.

  1. Brightness How many lumens should your 2000 projector’s lumens be?

Because LCD projectors are more bright and considered the best choice for home theaters, It is essential to examine the number of lumens a projector can produce. Remember, the brighter the image, the more lumens. The quality of the image can be judged by its two specifications: color brightness and white brightness.

The room’s lighting must assess the recommended brightness and the number of lumens for the $2000 projector. If the room is flooded with a lot of Light, you’ll require an even brighter projector. In contrast, the dimmer projector will perform.

Suppose you’re looking to use it for a classroom with windows. You’ll require a minimum of 2500 lumens. However, if your space lacks Light, a lower-intensity projector can be used.

If you’re spending $2000, I’d recommend you consider three thousand lumens that can easily cover a well-lit daylight-time environment.

  1. Contrast: What is the ideal number for a projector that costs $2000?

It’s the ratio of the dark and Light of an image. You may have seen it on the specifications sheet of the projector. It’s a strange-looking number: 10,000:1 or 20000:1. Most projectors provide anywhere from 10,000:1 to 500,000:1. The contrast ratio defines the range of colors on the screen to ensure that it is easily discernible.

Let’s look at the numbers. For instance, a projector with a contrast ratio of 1000 will be 1000x brighter than the blackest dark. Your projector must have a high contrast to get crystal clear and rich-looking quality.

  1. Resolution 4K ultra HD (or HD) what should you do with less than $2000?

The 8K resolution as of the writing time of this article, so purchasing at least 4K projectors should be the first choice. To experience the highest quality of images, you should focus on finding the top 4K projector that costs less than $2000 instead of focusing on Full HD.

Every decent projector for less than $200 can provide the native Full HD resolution with 4K media support. You should determine whether their projector is natively 4K compatible or only partial.

You may still opt for 1080p projectors if you’re using them in classrooms or for presentations at work. If you’re looking to watch games, films, and other similar things, the 4K resolution is the best option.

  1. Screen size: What is the maximum screen size you can get for your 2000 projection projector?

The vast majority of projectors available are between 100 to 150 inches in size, based on the projector used. Keep in mind that the size of the projector’s screen will always be measured diagonally. The largest screen size for a budget of $2000 must be a minimum of 150 inches but can be as high as 300 inches or greater. Most projectors provide pre-determined recommended screen sizes and distances for optimal viewing.

In terms of screen sizes, take measurements of the space you have. Do not choose the largest screen size if you require it. This is because the viewer suffers more when altering the settings of his projector and other aspects of a screen that is too large.

Whatever size screen you pick, make sure that you check the recommended size, distance as well as brightness, and of course, contrast. I think that a 120-inch screen is an ideal size for a screen. In this range, most projectors will give the best. This is why I recommend the largest screen size.

  1. Throw Distance: The throw Distance of 2000 Projectors is all that matters?

The distance to throw the projector is another crucial element to consider. Why? Rooms with smaller spaces need to focus their attention on it or perhaps on an ultra-short throw.

With just a few inches to the projector, you’ll be able to watch your favorite shows with stunning image quality. But, most projectors with ultra-short throw capabilities cost a lot and exceed our budget of $1000.

Don’t worry! I’ve found the top ultra-short-throw model for less than $2000. It’s the ViewSonic PX800HD. It’s ideal for tiny rooms and those who don’t want a distraction from the other users when the projector is used.

  1. Installation: Do your projectors worth the money? Use?

When it comes to ease of use, various things must be considered. It could be anything from the projector’s weight to the mounting. I have always found that mounting a projector on the ceiling is a superior option over setting it up on tables or other places.

Since most projectors have a remote control, you do not consider using them from various angles. Additionally, if the projector is capable of voice control, you should consider it a huge advantage.


I hope this article can help you select the ideal projector for less than $2000.

You’re not sure what projector to pick from our selection of top projectors that cost less than $2000. If that’s the situation, I’d suggest choosing Xgimi Horizon Pro as you receive modern features, automatic image adjustments, and higher brightness.

It’s an all-in-one device that doesn’t require an intervention manual. So, you can choose the projector you want to use and install it anywhere you want.

However, If you’re looking for Laser TV, there’s no better option than the Epson EpiqVision L300. It requires only a few inches of distance from the screen and performs exceptionally well in daylight, coupled with an ALR display.

If you’re unsure, do not be afraid to express your concerns in the comments below. I’ll make sure to answer all remarks and bring clarity to your thinking.

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