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Honest Halo Collar Reviews – Does Halo Collar Work in 2023?

If you are among those dog owners who let their puppies roam but do not wish to look at a GPS-based, physical, wireless fence, then you have come to the right place. Using a dog collar with a GPS tracker allows you to keep an eye on your dog’s location. And the new halo collar is the one for every dog owner who is looking for smart collars.

The Halo collars have the type of characteristics you need to provide your dog with the space they deserve to roam while also encouraging them automatically to stay within the borders you set. The Halo dog collar is an extraordinary addition to dog owners’ training regimen since it’ll give everything you need from a dog collar.

So, we have reviewed the Halo dog collar and compared it with halo collar alternatives to determine whether the Halo fence deserves the hype. Let’s have a look at our Halo dog collar review below to know it all.

What Is Halo Collar?

In case you are a pet lover, you know well that among the most significant thing you can do for your dog is to keep them safe all time. That is where the Halo Collar GPS comes in—however, what is it, how does it work, is it worth the money?

Well, in this article below, we will discuss all you need to know about the Halo dog collar, its features, functionality, etc., based on real-world honest Halo Dog Collar reviews. We will even take a closer peek at the product as well as how the halo dog collar compares to its competitors.

The Halo Dog Collar is a special product developed to assist dog owners to keep their dogs safe & secure at all times. With the current technology this Halo collar offers, dog owners can keep a hold of their dog even when they are away. The Halo Collar is designed in such a way that it helps keep your dog safe and secure always.

Often putting physical fences around the home isn’t an option, thus, an invisible fence like a halo dog fence makes more sense. Halo dog collar helps dog owners to create a wireless fence system.

Your puppy will wear a Halo collar that will be connected to your phone (Halo app). This Halo app lets you set the boundary of the invisible fence, hold tabs on the dog’s location through GPS, as well as monitor the dog’s activity level.

You can even use the new Halo Collar in a wide range of settings, such as yards, homes, parks, etc. No matter if you have very small dogs or large dogs, the original Halo Collar will fit any canine from 5 months to older that generally weighs around 20+ pounds.

This modern invisible fence Halo collar offers prevention tracking and activity tracking across all landscapes and stops dogs from danger using its natural guidance quality. It even offers a training program as well as an easy-to-use Halo app.

Initially, there were some defects with the halo collar, but after getting customer complaints, the Halo company has executed an enhanced collar design, presenting a Halo Beacons attribute that helps make the “keep away” zone indoors.

The new Halo collar version presents several improved and new features: it is more durable and sturdy and delivers better battery performance and location accuracy, as well as enhanced Bluetooth and WiFi performance.

Honest Halo Collar Reviews

Honest Halo Collar Reviews

Halo’s 1st-generation collars were an outstanding safety and training tool. However, a feedback assessment revealed that the gadget lacked implementation.

However, the updated version, which is Halo 2 collar, seems to have positive reviews with more complimentary comments. Users relish better data storage, a cellular connection, indoor halo beacons, and multiple fences.

There is even strong proof that in case there is an issue with their Halo collars, the company answers to the customer and provides you with the best tech support. According to the Halo collar reviews, they work with the customer to solve the issue, and that the alternate parts arrive quickly and fix the problem as soon as possible.

If there is a setback on the Halo collar, the device’s battery may run low quicker than the assessed 12 hours. Thus, in case you are expecting to be away from the house for more than 12 hours, this may not work for you. 

Here is the detail we received from our Halo collar review. Let’s have a look, please.

Activity Tracking

This Halo Collar comes with a feature that allows you to track the activity of your dog just like how AppleWatch and FitBit work. Thus, it can monitor as well as create reports regarding how many actions your dog took in a day, and for how many hours they rested and did activities, etc. You can see all the detail on the Halo app’s dashboard. 

Smart Fences

This Halo Collar comes with smart invisible fences, which you can easily customize through the Halo App and set up the boundaries of the fences for your dogs to stay & play in securely and safely.

This quality gives you the security and freedom to allow your dogs to roam within their invisible smart Halo Fences without the worry of them getting into danger without your knowledge. It is my favorite feature.

Prevention Tracking

One more great feature of this Halo Collar is its Prevention Tracking feature. Using this feature, the Halo Collar easily tracks the prevention frequency received, for example, the Prevention Feedback such as the warning, emergency prompts, and boundary.

This information shows you the changes and patterns in the behavior of your dog that needs more attention throughout the training process. 

Improved Accuracy and Connectivity

One of the most common complaints of the original Halo collar for training was that it used to lose connectivity as well as became nonfunctional too often.

The Halo 2 collar solves that issue with better GPS connectivity and accuracy, as well as improved cellular capabilities, Bluetooth, and WiFi connection.

Moreover, even in the case, the Halo collar fails a link to the app, the collar will restart to work.

Ease of Use

The Halo smart collars rarely encountered any problems from the users in getting the Halo app. Even before start using this Halo collar, you need to complete the given 21-day Halo training program. This program features precise procedures for everything you should know about this Halo 2 collar.

The program consists of 3 stages. The stages are as follows.

Stage 1: This stage revolves around understanding how to set up the Halo fences as well as introduce your dog to this halo 2 collar fence.

Stage 2: Here, users know how to use the feedback as well as train their dogs to keep away.

Stage 3: Here, Indoor Training is moved to Outside Training.

Wireless Fencing Via the Halo App

Its GPS feature makes it the collar possible to set various boundaries for the dog. You will open the app and just walk a boundary for the wireless fence. One can easily load up to 20 different fences into this app. 

All Terrain Types

This dog collar can be used on all terrain types, such as roads, streams, rivers, etc. So, no matter where you go, you can take your dog with you and keep on monitoring it.

Halo Collar GPS System

We appreciated the GPS location services of the Halo collars. Using this feature, you can make sure your dog is safe even in remote locations. However, to get GPS location services, you need to pay for a subscription.

Safety Features

This feature shows the activities and location of your puppy in real-time. This’s possible due to the integration of GPS & GNSS systems as well as the WiFi and cellular technologies into this Halo Collar.

Natural Guidance

As per various Halo dog collar reviews, this feature allows you to keep your dog safe by directing them back to security whenever they reach a set limit. The Natural Guidance attribute from the Halo collar includes customizable Prevention feedback as well as Encouragement feedback.

21-Day Halo Program

There is a 21-day training program in the Halo app. According to data from a dedicated Halo dog collar assessment, the lesson is beneficial both for your dog and you. During the training program, you can reveal your dog to 6 types of feedback, 3 of which are easily customizable (sound, static, and vibrations), and figure out what is best for them.

Pros and Cons of Halo Collar

Pros and Cons of Halo Collar


  • Smart invisible fences
  • IP67 water rating
  • Lets you set up 20 invisible fences
  • Multiple subscriptions schemes to pick from
  • Features dog psychology training program
  • Uses GNSS/GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE tech
  • Wireless Halo fences & built-in training
  • 12-hour battery life & activity tracker.


  • Expensive
  • The needed Halo basic strategy drives the expense up.
  • Premium features can’t be utilized without a subscription
  • Halo collars aren’t small enough to fit very small dogs.
  • Cellular service is required for some intelligent system features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does halo collar shock Dogs?

No. Halo collars use stimulation. Stimulation is planned to be irritating. Thus, This Halo collar for dogs isn’t considered a dog’s shock collar. The Halo smart collar will never shock dogs.

How to turn off the halo collar

To switch off this Halo Collar, press & hold the power button for about 6 seconds, or press it until you feel 3 short vibrations. The Logo LED light will light red for some seconds and then it will turn off.

How does a halo collar work?

The Halo Collar uses voice and tone corrections, as well as stimulation. Since the Halo dog collar uses stimulation which is an electronic currency that leads to muscle twitches, and it awares your dog.

How long does the halo collar battery last?

The halo collar battery claims to last for around 12 hours. However, a few customers claim it does not last 12 hours.


A worthwhile smart wireless fence must provide several different advantages to you as well as your dogs. Above all, it must be:

  •  Useable irrespective of where you take your dog
  • A stable tracker for tracking your dog’s activity and location
  • The ultimate border training tool

This Halo Wireless Fence collar hits those important marks. This Halo collar delivers daily upgrades on how much your dog walked, utilizes safe ways to keep the dog within the invisible fence, prevents them from leaving the boundary, and lets you set up the fences anywhere.

So, yes, the Halo collar is worth the money!

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