best massage chair under 2000

Best Massage Chair Under 2000 – Feature & Review of [2022]

Massage chairs are an excellent way to relax from the Stress of your day. It will ease aches and pains, relax muscles, and help improve your posture.

Our team of experts has examined over 30 massage chairs to evaluate the quality of their functions and how they work for the typical user. We’ve compiled an index of our best picks and our editors’ choice, which is Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800. Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800 offers an excellent blend of features and looks to enhance your home décor. We’ve also evaluated other massage chairs at different prices to ensure we have the best option for everyone.

Our experts deliberated for hours to discover the best massage chair for less than $2,000. We’ve evaluated the function and performance of each chair to ensure you are confident in the purchase. We first examined the processes and programs for a massage that affect the type and magnitude of the massage you receive while on the seat. We also looked at the effects on zero-gravity modes, heating features, and extensions for the footrest. We also looked at the warranties and the general dimensions. We’ve presented our findings as a simple overview table and an extensive list of reviews. But, we’ve also provided a buying guide to help you make your final purchase choice.


Best massage chair under 2000

But, the one that stands out as the top massage chair for under $2000 has been selected by our editors as the best, which is the Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800. The chair can accommodate those who are taller and comes with three zero gravity settings. However, yoga body stretch and Shiatsu massage will give you a relaxing and easy exercise. Furthermore, the chair is pivotable, so you don’t require additional space to fit the LM-6800 inside your home.

Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800

Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800

Although this budget-friendly massage chair’s calf and feet rollers may be painful, the chair has padding. If that isn’t enough for you, you can easily add cushioned pad or even a material to help make it less abrasive.

The LM 6800 has all the features of a top-of-the-line massage chair; however, not in the same level of experience.

It comes with a body-scan feature with zero gravity, as well as also arm massage. With five different massage methods and three different settings for intensity and speed across various body parts, it’s possible to target those areas that are painful without an issue. It’s also among the most affordable massage chairs.

L-track: The L-track is four rollers to ease pain in the buttocks and lower back and relieve lower back pain and certain forms of sciatica.

Space-Saving ZeroGravity – the technology that saves space requires only 3″ in wall area to achieve the three zero gravity positions. Zero-Gravity is proven to be the most efficient place for the benefits of a massage.

Dual Foot Rollers: Few budget chairs offer leg and foot massages and leg massages, but the LM 6800 has. Although the force of the dual-roller may be too much for some, it can be easily corrected by adding padding.

Computerized Body Scan Although it’s a less expensive model, it’s still equipped with a full body scan to ensure you receive messages tailored to your shape and size.

Five Manual Massage Techniques comprise Kneading, Tapping Shiatsu, rolling, and a mix of tapping and Kneading, providing you with various choices to find the proper massage.

Six Auto Programs, including 6 Auto Programs – including the Yoga program. A stretching program that improves circulation and rejuvenates your body through a series of stretching and massage. The SH-Chiro program combines Chiropractor and Shiatsu techniques to alleviate tension and strain within your spinal.

Heating Therapy – gives you extra pain relief for the lower back and legs.

Personal Adjustment Options: The roller’s speed and the air cell’s massage intensity can be adjusted to three levels. Massages can be tailored to specific regions, such as the lower back, upper back, the entire lower body, back lower back, and body.


  • Affordable
  • Includes all the essential features of premium chairs
  • Space-saving


  • A foot roller may be harsh
  • It has fewer adjustments than premium models. It has more periodic adjustments than high-end
  • Not suitable for tall or heavy people.


Automatic programs: 6

Massage functions: 5

Zero gravity mode: Yes

Heating function: Yes

Airbags: 36

Footrest extension:yes

Warranty: 3 years of the limited warranty



RELAXONCHAIR MK-CLASSIC is the top choice on our list and certainly an exquisite massage chair. It has three no-gravity settings, and several airbags, with the ability to adjust the shoulder completely and hold up to 400 pounds. The chair is built well robust and constructed from sustainable materials. It is a shiatsu massage chair. There are seven pre-set programs that the user can develop their own to massage certain regions. Two heating pads in the lower back enhance the experience of massage for those with lower back pain.

The MK-CLASSIC features a fifty” lengthy L-track roller that can massage from the top of the skull down the body until the bottom of the buttocks. The body scanner built into the machine will aid the user in modifying the massage to satisfy each individual’s requirements. Five massage techniques are available: three-speed levels and three airbag intensity settings.

One of the main disadvantages of a large massager is its assembly process following the delivery. This is not an issue with the RELAXONCHAIR MK-CLASSIC, as it is completely assembled and ready for use.


The chair is beautiful and comes in brown or grey.

The RELAXONCHAIR MK-CLASSIC is fully assembled.

Customers appreciate getting RELAXONCHAIR support and customer assistance.


Users have complained that the high settings can be highly intense.

This is a premium massage chair that comes with a price.


Automatic programs: 7

Massage functions: 5

Zero gravity mode: yes

Heating function: Yes

Airbags: 42

Footrest extension:yes

Warranty:3-year limited

Cozzia 16018 Shiatsu Massage Chair

Cozzia 16018 Shiatsu Massage Chair

Keep in mind that it’s an entry-level price, budget-friendly chair, and it’s bound to have some limitations. We think you’ll be able to agree, however, that for the price it’s a fantastic model to look at and maybe the thing you’ve been searching for.

They’re both modern industry standards, So it’s not surprising to see them on this list. The S-Track permits the rolling wheels to be moved in three directions, up/down, left/right, and In/Out, by natural curvature in the spine.

They are among the most critical factors in providing an excellent massage since they closely resemble the feel of human hands. By the way, the S-Track and the quad rollers don’t provide a high-quality massage. If the rollers aren’t reaching the areas of pain in your back, you’re not likely to be pleased with the outcomes.

To that end, the Cozzia massager 16018 comes with the 3D body Scanning Technology that analyzes your back before the massage starts and makes tiny adjustments to the position of the rollers to ensure that your pressure points are taken care of.

This is usually, but not always, efficient. Sometimes, the technology goes wrong. In those instances, Cozzia has included buttons on the remote that allows users to manually tweak the rollers’ location and adjust the massage area’s size.

Together, both provide an unbeatable solution that guarantees an excellent massage every time.

A low-cost chair will have fewer massage options than a top-of-the-line model, but you’ll be amazed in this case. This is one of the things that Cozzia does exceptionally well, yet it is not given the respect it merits in other Cozzia 1618 reviews of massage chairs we’ve read which is why we wanted to focus on it. Starting with the different massage options that include:

  • Kneading
  • Tapping
  • Rolling
  • Shiatsu
  • Dual Action

There’s just one advanced massage available (Shiatsu); however, this isn’t a surprise for the chairs of this class. Many budget chairs do not offer advanced massage techniques even.

Pros & Cons

  • No Timer Adjustment
  • No Extendable Ottoman
  • No Foot Rollers
  • No memory function
  • Full Body Stretch
Real Relax 2020 Favor-03 Massage Chair

Real Relax 2020 Favor-03 Massage Chair

The Real Relax 2020 Favor-03 Massage Chair is a zero-gravity massage chair that costs less than $2,000 and comes with 4 pre-set massaging options controlled by simple wireless remote controls. The user can select from three distinct “strong,” “relaxing,” and “sleep” modes that determine the strength of the massage. These settings can be changed to the user’s preference if they want to concentrate on specific areas requiring more focus.

The massage chair comes with 8 fixed rollers. The massaging track extends from the shoulders and neck down to the muscles of the calf. Shiatsu massage is circular and helps relieve tension and Stress in the muscles. The airbags are fifty at the shoulders, 4 8 in the arms, 24 on the legs, and the remainder in the hips. The airbags are inflated and deflated to simulate the massage therapist’s massage. The gentle and firm compression, followed by release, relax the muscles and ease tension.

Real Relax 2020 Favor-03 Massage Chair Real Relax 2020 Favor-03 Massage Chair comes with 3 zero gravity settings to equally spread the weight throughout the chair. This lets the user rest and almost appear to float while the massage chair goes to work. Legs are raised over the heart to ease the pressure on the spine and increase circulation throughout the massage. This increases the enjoyment and makes the whole process more efficient and relaxing.


  • The users have reported that the massage chair is simple to move around the house.


  • Certain users feel that the leg massage settings are too powerful.
  • The massage chair does not have memory settings.
Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chairs

Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chairs

It’s Osaki OS-4000 offers a zero-gravity massage experience at a low cost. The massage chair from OsakiIt has a great S-track feature that provides unbeatable neck and shoulder massaging for massage chairs at this price range.

Massages for the feet and arms specifically targeted reflex points that give the feeling of total well-being.

It’s a basic model. Don’t expect much from this massage chair; however, if you’re looking for hair for a massage that can assist in relieving lower back tension and pain, This is an excellent alternative for you.

Zero Gravity: Two zero gravity settings place you in a place to have the benefits of a massage while enjoying the space-saving design.

S-Track is an intelligent massage robot geared to your neck, shoulders, neck, and lumbar spine. It adjusts itself automatically to match the curvature of your spine. It also creates micro-adjustments as you go to give you a better massage.

Six Pre-Set Programs: The six pre-set programs have been specifically designed to deliver results, such as Healthcare, Relax Therapy, Smart Circulation, and Demo.

Manual Adjustments: There are three choices for upper-body massages. These include full-body fixed, partial, or to give you total relaxation or particular attention to a specific part of your body.

Multiple Adjustments Including:

  • 5 levels of intensity and speed
  • The calf rest can be stretched and lifted to accommodate leg length.

Specialized Massages to Specific Areas to melt tension and ease the pain away:

  • Powerful Vibration Seat Massage
  • Air & Vibration Arm Massage
  • Hip Air Massage
  • Lower Back, Legs, and Feet Heat Therapy
  • Air Squeeze Neck massage
  • Shoulder Air Massage
  • Specialized Mechanical Foot Rollers

LCD Display The LCD is equipped with a mini wireless controller that offers auto-time for 5-30 minutes, allowing you to lie back and unwind.


  • Good Price
  • Fantastic neck, shoulder as well as lower back, and neck massage


  • The warranty does not include a specific date.
  • Beeps repeatedly after each massage.

Is a massage chair a thing?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term Massage chair, then it’s a kind of chair you might have seen in the airport lounge or another place, and it appears to be a large armchair. The massage chair provides users with a full body massage adapted to their body shape. Users can opt to massage their entire body or concentrate on a specific area of concern. There are generally two kinds of massage chairs: the first is a basic model that sits in, and a therapist provides the massage. The other kind is a computer-controlled automated massage chair that uses various technologies to massage users. The main focus of this buying guide is the latter, and we hope that this guide will assist you in choosing the best massage chair that costs less than $2,000.



These chairs have different features, such as Shiatsu zero gravity and light-intensity kneading, and they can be used to treat other areas that make up the human body. There is a chance that you won’t use the entire functions of your massage chair. It is essential to recognize which part of your body requires special attention and then purchase an appropriate chair to complement the areas you need attention. If you want an excellent massage for your feet, purchase chairs with foot massagers. If you’re experiencing excessive pain in the neck or shoulder region, you can use massage chairs that concentrate on relieving shoulder and neck discomfort.


Massage chairs usually are priced from moderate to high-end. The price is contingent on the chair’s design, characteristics, and features. Even though high-end chairs cost a lot, it is an excellent purchase for those who frequently seek professional assistance to ease pain and discomfort. This is why we made the following list of the best massage chairs that cost less than 2000 dollars.


There are various dimensions and sizes of frames for massage chairs that recline. Most chairs can accommodate most of the people who use them. However, it is essential to determine the chair’s dimensions to your body.


If you are buying an ergonomic massage chair, bear your space in mind since you’ll require enough space to store it and use the chair. They’re big and heavy with some models even with a head and a foot recliner. You must determine your space before purchasing an ergonomic massage chair.


Before purchasing:

  1. Be sure you know the warranty duration and procedure.
  2. Check if the seller can change the part and if they’ll be accessible for repair or not.
  3. Ensure they provide an unconditional cashback guarantee for at least one month.

These cashback and guarantee options show that they believe in the durability and performance of their products.


The massage chair can provide numerous health advantages. We’ll take a peek at some of the essential health benefits associated with using the massage chair.

  • Mood: It boosts your mood by releasing a chemical known as endorphins.
  • Anxiety and Stress In a study, it also lowers anxiety, Stress and boosts your work efficiency.
  • Rest well. This improves sleep quality because massage therapy enhances serotonin which is then converted into Melatonin.
  • Back Pain According to a research study published in Pain Medicine, massage therapy can help reduce back pain.
  • Increase Your Immunity: Studies have shown that massage can increase the immune system’s effectiveness by stimulating the body’s white blood cell activity, which fights the virus.
  • Massage can ease your headache and other discomforts related to poor posture.

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