best zero turn under 6000

Best Zero Turn Under 6000 – Buying guide & Specifications

What is a zero-turn lawn mower?

ZDNet’s choice for the best lawn mower is Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 which comes with its 23HP engine, hydrostatic transmission, and ergonomic lap bar. Zero-turn mowers are perfect for large properties and those with many obstacles, such as flowers and trees, since they can be easily maneuvered and come with bigger cutting decks than the other riding lawn mowers.

Zero-turn mowers are similar to top-of-the-line gardening and lawn equipment sports cars. They have a zero-inch turning radius, which lets you move around within tight spaces without ruining your lawn. They also have stronger engines and larger cutting decks than regular riding mowers.

Some models come with cutting decks as narrow as 42 inches to suit lawns in suburban areas or up to 72 inches for more expansive large, open-air rural properties. And with engines as high as 26 HP, you’ll have enough power to carry carts of mulch, dirt and other tools such as lawn rollers and Aerators without overloading the motor.

Zero-turn mowers are also equipped with hydrostatic transmissions. This means that the more you press on the lap bars, or the more you push the pedals to accelerate your speed, the faster it will go, and it’s similar to driving in an automobile, making them simpler to master how to operate. But the steering mechanism of the lap bar requires some time to get used to, so I suggest walking around the lawn with the blades off to familiarize yourself with how it works before mowing your lawn your first time.

I’ve put together five of the most effective models available to help you pick the most effective zero-turn mower for your lawn. I’ve broken them down by features and prices to aid you in comparing them with your needs, size, and budget. If you want to find the best zero-turn mower for your lawn, continue reading further down.

5 best zero-turn mowers

Ryobi 48V

Ryobi 48V

This Ryobi 48V zero-turn electric lawn mower was among my preferred selections from the top list of electric mowers. After more investigation, I’m confident it’s the best zero-turn electric mower available. The 48V battery integrated is rechargeable via the standard wall outlet, meaning you don’t have to keep special chargers and cables in your inventory to recharge the mower when it is not used.

This allows the Ryobi 48V to be more easily integrated into your workshop or garage, even if you don’t have additional Ryobi tools or other equipment that can connect to a battery alongside the mower. The battery provides enough power at the full charge to cut as large as 3.5 acres. This is a huge benefit for those who have a bigger lawn.

It comes with a 54-inch cutting deck with 3 blades that allow for a consistent cut every time, and the deck can be adjusted to 12 different heights to get an ideal mow all season. The Control panel will enable you to track the level of your battery, turn on the headlights with LEDs and mow in reverse and charge your phone via an integrated USB port.

Because the Ryobi 48V zero-turn mower does not include a gas engine, you’ll save time and money since you won’t have to perform oil replacements and spark plug cleaning or fuel treatments between the start and the end of each season. With no gas engine, there are no emissions from the exhaust, making it a greener alternative for lawn maintenance.


  • Up To 2 Hours, 2 Acres
  • 38″ Removable Steel Deck
  • Battery Powered
  • Low Maintenance
  • No More Pulleys And Belts
  • Mow While The Sun Goes Down
  • 12 Position Cutting Height
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Battery Gauge
  • USB Charger And Cup Holder
Cub Cadet Ultima ZTX4 60 in

Cub Cadet Ultima ZTX4 60 in.

The brand new Ultima ZTX4 60 in. is specifically designed to meet the needs of commercial customers. It’s powered by 24-HP Kohler Pro 7000 Series 725cc V-Twin engine, which provides superior functionality for the landscaping company you run. It is comprised of a 60-inch. 10-ga AeroForce Max deck fabricated by Max with seven-ga wraps of steel.

It is available with the option to choose the 20-inch. Or 24 in. seat, with cushioned armrests. One of its greatest features is the ROPS, which provides maximum rollover safety. In addition, it has a four-year or 500-hour warranty that is among the top in its class, which is a sign of its premium quality.


* The maximum speed forward of 8mph, and the reverse speed is 3mph. This will reduce operating time.

There are 17 adjustments to the deck’s height ranging from 1 inch. From 1 in. 4.5 in., including transportation mode.

* Deck lift that is operated by a foot.

* 13 in. rear tires. 22 inches. Rear tires limit the amount of turf and give good traction.

Accessible deck and engine.

* Floor mats made of soft rubber

* LED headlights to help in low-light conditions.

* Adjustable 3-way ergonomic lap bar design

* Parking brake with integrated parking and mow-in reverse system

The bags, mulch kits, and carts can be joined


  • 5.5 Ga fuel tank capacity
  • 8 MPH maximum speed
  • ROPS to protect yourself
  • 17 deck height adjustments
John Deere Z345R CARB

John Deere Z345R CARB

Zero-turn lawn mowers, as well as John Deere equipment, have a reputation of being high-end in price; however, regardless of whether you’re loyal to a particular brand or have your eyes at the Kelly Green, the Z345R CARB is among the most affordable zero-turn mowers (and parts from John Deere’s equipment) that you can buy.

For less than $3000 At just under $3000, at just under $3000, the Z345R CARB is more affordable and still comes with premium features such as a 22HP V-twin engine with dual hydrostatic transmission, and the maximum cutting area is 2 acres. Its 42-inch cutting deck has been made with 12-gauge steel to ensure robustness and durability. Twin blade sets provide you with a consistent and even cut with each pass.

The lap bars on the steering feature cushioned grips. The seat cushioning is durable, with armrests and suspension to provide better comfort when driving on smooth and rough areas. You can also outfit the Z345R CaRB by adding a deck for mulching or bagger attachments that allow you to feed your lawn with fine clippings after fertilizer applications. You can also take clippings to your compost garbage bin or your lawn’s waste collection.

The Z345R CARB features control buttons that are colour-coded for quick and easy identification and a low fuel warning light so that you are never left with fuel in the empty tanks.


  • Excellent performance and long-lasting life with the smooth and powerful V-twin engine
  • You can get a clean cut with the 42-in. (107-cm) Accel Deep(TM) (42A) Mower Deck
  • A comfortable ride is provided by an operator station equipped with adjustable controls and adjustable seat position
  • The machine’s service is convenient and includes an extended bumper-to-bumper warranty
  • Controls and instruments that are easy to find and use
  • Excellent appearance, reliability and performance provided through a robust design
  • Durability and efficiency from dual transmissions featuring big 1-in. (2.5-cm) in. (2.5-cm) diameter axles
  • Simple refuelling using a conveniently placed fuel tank
  • Maintain your mower and lawn by using MowerPlus(TM) app and connector. MowerPlus(TM) App and connecter
Husqvarna Z254F Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

Husqvarna Z254F Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

We tried out the smaller version that this lawn mower came with. However, it became so popular that it was sold out. The price is only $100 more than the one that we tried. We believe that this one, the bigger version, is a better value. It features a slightly bigger deck (54 inches instead of 48 inches)) and a slightly larger engine (23 horsepower against 21.5). The deck is an extremely durable (welded) model of 10 gauge steel. This mower is also equipped with the dazzling Kawasaki V-twin motor.

Each of the three blades is designed with an aerodynamic form reminiscent of the stingray’s tip of its wing. The blades that spin not only cut the grass but are intended to generate an enormous amount of airflow and lift inside the deck, particularly when paired with the curved baffles welded to the deck’s wall. The mulching effect of the grass will prevent the grass from clogging process, according to Husqvarna, and the airflow is designed to blast the debris out of the side. The blades are positioned on cast-iron spindles. It is a durable material that can withstand high temperatures and absorb sound. Contrary to the spindles used for residential use that have grease fittings, these come with grease fittings that provide longer life.


  1. ClearCut(tm) fabricated cutting deck
  2. Kawasaki engine
  3. Maintenance-Free Transmission
  4. Frame and casters that are tough
  5. Convenient deck lift
  6. Comfortable Seat
  7. Control panel with ergonomic design
  8. Automated parking brake system
  9. Rear engine guard
  10. Anti-slip foot-area
  11. Footplate that can be removed
  12. Refinement
Toro Titan 60Toro Titan 60

Toro Titan 60Toro Titan 60

If you’re a lover of the outdoors and have big lawns, you’re haunted by the job of cutting these huge lawns. The idea of a large yard lush with healthy green lawns and fruit trees could be a dream that comes into reality; however, maintaining it isn’t easy, particularly if you are doing it on your own.

If you’re one of those who enjoy mowing their lawns for themselves but don’t have a lot of time, then you may search for the most lawn mower with zero turns.

The Toro60 is an incredible machine with an exquisite blend of high-end power, performance, and technology.

This mower was created for commercial and residential use and features a pro-DNA engine to give you the feeling of cutting professionally. With the built-in cup holder, You can take your preferred beverage along to keep well-hydrated.

You’ll be awed by the iconic bull horn logo and its delivery service with a white glove. Additionally, when you purchase it, an authorized Toro product dealer will personally hand over the item and go over the safety and operation details with you.


  • Its My Ride suspension system helps to protect you from blows and bumps when mowing. The mower, not you, is taking care of the jerks, making the job simple and less stressful.
  • 3-year commercial engine warranty.
  • With the speed of the blade that can reach 18,000 feet per minute, the machine will create a commercial drop pin length of cut.
  • The deck comprises the grade 50 10-gauge steel deck with an edge with a bullnose.
  • A massive network of 3000 service dealers in the US and Canada.
  • 24.5HP 708cc Toro engine.
  • 60 in. wide deck, with three blades and cutting options for Bag, Side discharge ,and Mulch.
  • Tool-free oil change, flip-open air filter, and easily removed drain tube for oil to speed up draining and refilling.
  • High-back seats are hand-crafted for maximum cushioning and ease of use.
  • Smooth steering, with shock-absorbing dampers as well as the aluminium front axle.
  • Do not fret about unexpected obstacles such as broken branches, baseballs that have been forgotten and every other solid object since you will get a deck that is a foot-assisted lift.


  • 3-year commercial warranty for commercial
  • Iron-forged deck
  • High-back, comfortable and cozy.
  • White glove delivery service

Which is the most suitable zero-turn mower to use for you?

After you’ve decided on the budget for the new zero-turn mower, you’ll need to consider cutting deck dimensions, engine sizes as well as the capacity of fuel tanks, and the types of attachments the models are compatible with. The smaller 42-inch decks are great for suburban lawns with many trees and obstacles, while the larger 60 or 54-inch cutting decks are best suited to more expansive, wide-open rural spaces.

Engine size can also help to determine what is the best for you as more horsepower lets you perform tasks like hauling wagons of mulch, tools, or potting soil. You can also utilize equipment such as lawn rollers and aerators without harming the motor.

Benefits of a Zero Turn Mower

Benefits of a Zero Turn Mower

There’s a valid reason why landscaping teams across the nation are beginning to use zero-turn mowers. These popular and agile machines provide various benefits traditional ride-on counterparts aren’t able to compete with.

The most crucial of the features is their ability to maneuver. As their name implies, they are zero-turn mowers that do not need to make large multiple-point turns to move around. They usually have transaxles in all of their rear wheels, which allows the user to move one independently of one by a simple button or lever.

While one wheel is moving forward, the other wheel can move forward. The mower can smoothly cut through all the grass within its circle of operation with precision.

It’s not just that it allows it to squeeze into tighter space than other ride-on mowers can, but it will also cut down on mowing time by half. There’s no more having to drive between lawns for you. Once you’ve mastered the art of driving a zero-turn, you can effortlessly glide across the property and easily trim around houses, sheds, trees and even garden beds. It’s time you can save for large tasks that can make zero turns well worth the effort.

A faster mowing time also means lower fuel consumption overall and less wear and wear to your machine, thereby saving your money on fuel, repairs, and replacement parts over the long term. Zero turns’ higher blade speed, and superior maneuverability also means a smoother and more precise cut each time.

Since a zero turn can cut across a 360-degree area, it will also mean you’ll have less time to go back to cut grass patches that aren’t being cut and weed-whack corners and edges.

Best Zero Turn Mower Buying Guide

A zero-turn lawn mower costs enormous cash and must be approached with diligence. When deciding on the right ZTR for your property or business, you must be aware of the following points in mind.

  • Engine Horse Power
  • Construction materials
  • Deck Size
  • Warranty time
  • Customer Service
  • The height and the cushioning of the seat
  • Suspension system
  • Deck lift
  • Easy maintenance and oil changes
  • Fuel tank capacity
  • Dimension of rear wheels
  • CARB conformity if you reside in California

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