Best Gravel Bikes Under 1500

Best Gravel Bikes Under 1500 | Adventure Guide & Comparisons

What Is a Gravel Bike, And How Does It Work?

What is a gravel bicycle? Gravel bikes are also known as adventure bikes. They are road bikes that can handle various surfaces and have additional gear. They are great for riding all day on less traveled roads. These bikes are more durable than standard road bikes and have a more comprehensive range of gears and room for larger tires. Although they look strikingly similar to cyclocross bikes, there are subtle differences.

Modern gravel bikes can be used for off-road riding. You can ride on soft sand, chunky gravel, or tame singletrack. Wide tires with relaxed geometry and wide tires make it easy to handle. We’ll discuss gravel bikes in this article and what makes them a unique addition to the cycling community.

Some argue that gravel bikes don’t need to be there and that a cyclocross bike could do the same. However, this argument is one we have already discussed in detail in our cyclocross vs. gravel bikes article. Gravel bikes have many of the same key features as both types of bikes but also eliminate those that aren’t necessary.

Can You Ride a Road Bike on Gravel?

A road bike is fine, and you don’t want to spend money on a gravel bike to ride a few kilometers on gravel roads. Is it possible to ride your road bike on a gravel track?

It’s safe to ride your road bike on gravel. However, it is essential to be familiar with your bike’s capabilities so that you don’t cause severe damage to your bike. This could lead to costly repairs. This blog will provide the specifications and tips you need to ride your gravel road bike.

Best Gravel Bikes Under 1500

Gravel bikes can be used as a replacement for your city, road, and mountain bikes. Gravel bikes are popular because they can be used on all terrains.

You can call them Gravel, Adventure, or All Rounder, depending on the manufacturer’s intention to market their latest model.

Below is a list of the top gravel bikes available for under $1,500. We will add more options to this list as the retailers replenish their stock and make more 2022 models.

Top Gravel Bikes For Less Than $1500

Co-op Cycles ADV 2.1

This is an excellent choice if you are looking for an intermediate gravel bike without breaking the bank. This bike has more mountain bike components, but it’s also rigid. It is excellent for riding on flat terrain.

The lightweight aluminum frame is combined with a lighter carbon fork, resulting in a light, responsive and comfortable bike.

Carbon forks absorb vibrations from the trail, making it more enjoyable and smoother. You have a choice of 16 speeds and dual piston mechanical brakes.

This is an excellent option for intermediate to advanced riders who want to learn more about gravel/road riding. It’s also very affordable.

The State Bicycle Co. 6061 Black Label All Road

The State Bicycle Co. 6061 Black Label All-road is a great all-around bike that can be used on and off-road. You can buy the bike as a road bike or gravel bike for $1399.99 or $1799.98.

The frame is made of light aluminum and the fork carbon. This allows it to save weight while dampening the ride. A ‘Monster Fork” option is available that replaces the fork with one with fender mounts and a crown mount for racks or lights. The bike weighs just over 10 kg and has sleek internal routing through the frame and fork.

It has an unbranded cockpit, wheels, and tires. However, it makes good use of the money that was saved. It features thru-axles, modern parts like an 11-speed drivetrain, and lightweight aluminum wheels.

The mechanical disc brakes are slightly less potent than their hydraulic counterparts. The 6061 Black label is a low-budget, rugged gravel bike that would be a good choice for anyone who needs both a road and gravel bike.

Tommaso Illimitate Disc 40C

The Tommaso Illimitate Disc 40C gravel bike is built around a small aluminum frame. The bike is equipped with a carbon fiber fork of high modulus that provides excellent vibration dampening and comfort. With their ergonomic flat tops and shallow drops, the TRS Ultralight compact handlebars increase bike comfort.

Shallow drops make it easy to adjust your hand position for rapid descending. Tommaso has included eyelets in the frame of the Illimtate to make it versatile for adventure riding.

The Shimano 50/34T Tiagra drivetrain offers a wide variety of gear. The Tommaso Iilmitate can be used anywhere you’d want it to, including on gravel bikes. This drivetrain is reliable and can shift precisely so that you are in the right gear at the right time.

These wide 40c tires, which can be fitted up to 700c, provide excellent grip on all terrains and all weather conditions. This wheel and tire combination balances low rolling resistance with exceptional traction.

The vehicle is equipped with Avid BB5 mechanical disc brakes. These are durable and provide excellent stopping power in all conditions. However, they must be appropriately set up to ensure they work at their best.

Diamondback Bicycles Haanjo 4

The Haanjo, an aluminum-framed, carbon-forked adventure bicycle built for comfort all day, has been designed for maximum durability. Its endurance geometry makes it an excellent choice for long commutes or bikepacking adventures.

The Shimano GRX400 10-speed Shimano gravel-focused Shimano GRX400 drivetrain is included. This is a rare feature on gravel bikes specifically designed for off-road adventures. This gravel bike is great for all terrains thanks to its flared handlebars and 37mm WTB riddler offroad tires.

The team has created a gravel-ready frame that is ready for use. It includes all the components and finishing touches you need to feel at ease on any road. This feat is remarkable because it costs less than $1,500.

Diamondbacks Haanjo 4 gravel bike is under $1,500. You won’t regret spending a bit more to prevent you from needing to replace some components.

Cannondale Topstone 3 Alloy Bike

The Topstone is a popular bike that sells quickly. It will undoubtedly be one of 2021’s most popular bikes. Cannondale took their expertise in aluminum and created a top-quality aluminum bike at an almost unbelievable cost. The carbon fiber frame and fork are identical to the $2100 Cannondale Topstone.

The Topstone is an affordable entry-level bike that you can upgrade easily. The chassis is all you need to make your dream bike. As you might guess, the bike comes with a Shimano Sora motor. The bike comes with a set of 2 x 9 gears. This gives you a wide range of gear to use on any adventure.

WTB Riddler Comp 700 x 37c tires are included with the Topstone. These tires provide excellent grip offroad and are fast on the roads, making them the ideal tire for gravel bikes.

Devinci Hatchet A G Sora

The Devinci Hatchet Sora A G, an aluminum-framed gravel bike, is geared toward adventure riding. The Devinci Hatchet Sora A G’s mountain bike geometry gives it its off-road capabilities.

The stem is shorter, so your center of gravity moves backward. This increases stability when you descend. While the head tube is longer, it gives you more reach and gives the bike a more spacious feel.

Carbon forks reduce the bike’s weight and dampen vibrations to create a more comfortable riding experience.

The internal cable routing of the Davinci Hatchet Sora A G protects the brake and gear cables. This gives the bike a clean and neat appearance, which adds to its sophisticated aesthetics.

This Devinci Hatchet comes with the Shimano Sora 9-speed Drivetrain. It has smooth, reliable gear changes. This also means it offers a wide range of riding on different terrain.

You need reliable brakes that can be modulated easily when riding down steep hills. Davinci equipped the Sora A G’s Sora A G using Tektro mechanical calipers and stainless 160mm brake discs.

The Devinci Hatchet Sora A G, the ideal bike for you to start adventure riding, is the right choice.

GT Grade Expert Gravel Bicycle (2022)

The GT Grade Expert Gravel Bike, an upgrade to the GT Grade Elite Gravel Bike, is now available.

A few upgrades are available for the GT Grade Expert, mainly regarding the gearing and groupset. The unique floating seat stay is still available, which makes the frame more rigid and looks fantastic.

It allows the frame to move more on uneven ground than traditional bonded seat stays. GT engineers have achieved this feat without losing stiffness when power is applied to the pedals.

Shimano GRX RX400 2×10 Speed drivetrain is included. This drivetrain is more suitable for offroading than the Shimano Claris 2-x8-speed Shimano Claris that comes with the Grade Elite. If you intend to ride off-road more often, it is worth spending more money and getting the Grade Expert.

The extra four gears are a plus, but the main reason the GRX RX400 has more is the rear derailleur. This was initially designed for mountain bikes. This ensures smooth gear changes even on bumpy surfaces.

The Grade Expert also includes all the features of the Grade Elite, including Shimano Disk Brakes and Tubeless-ready Rims.

The 2022 Best Women’s Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes are a great middle ground between mountain bikes and road bikes. They allow you to explore the outdoors without losing speed or agility. These bikes have a lighter frame and rigid fork. They also feature 700c wheels with thicker tires than standard road bicycles.

The frame geometry has been adapted to allow riding on rough terrain over long distances.

Women’s Gravel Bikes vs. Men’s

To make it easier for women to use, the top tubes of gravel bikes are shorter than those of men. To make mounting more accessible, they have shorter stack heights and a more steep top tube angle.

  • A shorter top tube means a shorter reach
  • Sizes available from XS to L

The women’s saddles are generally shorter and broader, with shorter stems and handlebars. Sizing options are available in sizes XS through L. They have slightly smaller dimensions than men’s bikes of the same size. Women’s gravel bikes often use the same components and gravel-specific geometry as men’s.

Best Gravel Bikes 2022 Under 1500

You can ride a new adventure with the best budget gravel bikes without spending a lot.

It can be intimidating to try something new, and it can be risky to buy a bike if you’ve never done it before. Many great bikes offer excellent value and can be used as a starting point for more adventurous rides.

Gravel and adventure bikes fill the gap between road & mountain bikes. They have seen a lot of popularity in the past few years. These bikes are perhaps the most versatile and can be used on dirt roads, bridleways, singletrack, and byways. They also make excellent commuters and winter road bikes.

The price of bikes has risen significantly in the past few years. It isn’t easy to find a hybrid bike that costs less than $1,500/PS1,000. To help you choose the right gravel bike for your needs, we have divided this guide into budget gravel bikes priced below $1,500/PS1,000 and those between $2,000/PS1,500.

You can check out our gravel and adventure bike guide if your budget is insufficient. If the gravel bug bites you, you won’t need to spend as much or long looking for a better model.

You don’t need to forget about the accessories you will need – we have a buyer’s guide for budget gravel bikes at the bottom of the page.

Best Carbon Gravel Bikes

Carbon fiber bikes absorb vibrations and are light, stiff, and lightweight. It is a popular choice for road cyclists and an excellent option for gravel bikes.

Its pliancy will reduce chatter below the surface while allowing you to put a lot through the cranks.

Boardman ADV 9.0

  • PS1,800 has been tested
  • Excellent value
  • Great ride quality
  • The low weight is impressive considering the price
  • 700x38mm tire clearance

BikeRadar’s Bike Of The Year Best Value Award in 2021 was won by the Boardman ADV 9.0. This gravel bike is exceptionally light for its price and can be used anywhere. The frame is made of C10 carbon fiber, which is stiff and responsive.

According to our testers, it gave the bike an exciting feel off-road and fast acceleration on the tarmac.

Boardman has specced this bike with a mix of Shimano GRX parts and a great range from the 46/30 crankset to the 11-32t, which will get you up the most challenging climbs.

Panaracer GravelKing SK tires offer grip off-road but are also fast-rolling.

Canyon Grill CF SL8 1by

  • As tested: PS2,949 / $2849 / AU$4,249 / EUR2,699
  • Versatile carbon frameset
  • Fantastic spec
  • Geometry that is well thought out
  • 700x50mm (S-XL), 650x50mm (2XS-XS) tyre clearance

Canyon Grill, a burlier version of the Canyon Grail that is also one the most popular gravel bikes in the world, is the Canyon Grill. The Grizl can handle 50mm tires and mounts for bags and fenders. It also features long geometry, which makes it highly versatile.

This bike has a Shimano GRX set, DT Swiss wheels, and a Canyon VCLS Seatpost.

This bike is an excellent value because the price is very competitive. Although the Grizl can be used on tarmac, it shines on gravel singletrack, a common feature of UK gravel riding.

Although the 1x gear arrangement might not be for everyone, there are 2x Grizls within Canyon’s range. The 1x setup is excellent for general riding.

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