Quick Extender Pro Reviews

Quick Extender Pro Reviews | Does It Really Work in [2022]

You are not alone if you feel a sense of disappointment about the size of your penis. No matter what the size is, every man wishes it to be a little bit bigger. The reason behind this is that the concern about sexual inadequacy haunts men. This concern is built based on the size of the penis and it is a real cause of anxiety. Meanwhile, adult men of all ages who have a larger size penis than average tend to have a more positive self-image.

In reality, the vast majority of men, which is about 90%, have a penis with a length that falls roughly within an average length of 5.16 inches when erect. It is not that bad and almost two-thirds of men consider the size of their penis to be average. Even about 85% of women are reported to be satisfied with their partner’s penis size. Still, bigger is better and a majority of men desire to have a larger penis.

There are also several men with below-average penis size and some depressed ones whose partners aren’t quite happy with their performance. Such circumstances might make someone very anxious and leave them wondering what are the real options for enlarging the penis. Even a little bit of change like an inch can seem more like a mile and make a big difference. 

The internet has introduced us to many products and procedures that are dedicated to making your penis larger. However, it is tough to identify which ones are legit and which ones are scams. Quick Extender Pro has been in this business for years and created quite a buzz on the internet. So, we decided to put it to the test and see whether the hype is real or not. If you are thinking of buying this product or making your penis bigger, you better read the whole review till its end. This review will describe Quick Extender Pro’s all the pros, cons, and other details that can help you decide whether or not to invest your money in this. Let’s begin!

What is Quick Extender Pro

What is Quick Extender Pro?

Quick Extender Pro is a renowned company that makes a line of penis extender products. It is a traction-type penis extender that falls under the category of penis enlargement tools. To achieve enlargement in length as well as girth, penis traction is one of the safest and effective ways. For men who have Peyronie’s disease, this product can correct the curvature over time. If you don’t know about the disease, it indicates the curvature of the penis that is painful and can inhibit sexual activity. Some severe cases of Peyronie’s disease have resulted in more modest improvements with Quick Extender Pro.

The makers of this extender claim that it can produce permanent gains in both penis length and width after just a few months of regular use. It has gained quite a reputation among top urologists and consumers alike as a safe and effective penis enlarger that can also help in correcting penile curvature. Even though it is a little bit different from regular extenders as it has a double strap system, the comfort is at another level. 

When used daily the Quick Extender Pro penis extender is supposed to:

  • Increase penis size by up to 32%
  • Boost sex drive
  • Improve confidence
  • Correct penile curvature

These impressive benefits have helped the product to make a name for itself in the industry. It is trusted by numerous healthcare professionals and recognized around the world. It has become the go-to solution for men who are not satisfied with the size of their penis and looking for a penis enlargement solution.

Quick Extender Pro offers four different packages depending on supportive parts and accessories for penis enlargement and straightening:

  • Deluxe Limited Edition
  • Deluxe Standard Edition
  • Value Edition
  • Curvature & Peyronie’s Edition

With each of the packages, you will have to purchase additional accessories to use the Quick Extender Pro for the necessary months-long duration of your therapy. If you purchase any of these devices, you will receive them discreetly in your email and can begin your treatment right away. The outer packaging does not contain anything identifiable about the type of the contents. This was very satisfying for our testers and a lot of other users that the box was nondescript. No one can know what is inside of the package by the outer look of the package.

No matter which of the packages you buy, it arrives swiftly at your doorstep. Opening it up and using it is a very simple process. It is already pretty much assembled and ready. You just need to read the instructions, understand them and make sure you are using the device properly.

How Does Quick Extender Pro work

How Does Quick Extender Pro Work?

The product line of Quick Extender Pro uses the principles of penis traction. To understand how this product works, you need to know what penis traction is first.

Penis traction is a scientific term related to stretching the penis. Since the penis consists of soft tissue, many years ago researchers proposed that traction therapy can help in penile lengthening. As part of therapy, an external device is attached to the penis that maintains a persistent stretch or traction on the tissue. 

Penis traction devices apply a persistent stretching action or pull to the shaft of the penis. This therapeutic approach requires specific hours of wearing the device potentially each day for effective results. If you want noticeable results quickly, you must wear them regularly and the design is a comfortable and secure fit for you.

It may seem a bit difficult to wear it every day for months. Still, many go through this because the results are permanent. This one thing keeps many of the users dedicated and on track with their routine. After using a Quick Extender Protraction device, you can stop using the device permanently with whatever gains you have made. The gain in penis size will endure and you can stop using it whenever you are satisfied.

Some studies suggest that penis traction devices are just to increase the size of the penis. Girth improvements are limited mainly to the glans. However, it seems that the Quick Extender Pro’s innovative design can improve the growth in length as well as girth. It distributes the tension more evenly and proportionate growth in length and girth. Our testers seem to be very happy with the results.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how this product works.

Step 1: Wear the Quick Extender Pro properly

For the penis traction device to work, you have to wear the device for a longer period. Many users wear it regularly, while others take days off. Listen to your body and adjust your wearing hours to achieve your goals. However, you would not want to exceed the rigors of the programs that are suggested.

The device causes what feels more like light and persistent stretching. It creates a sensation that at first is slightly odd but isn’t uncomfortable at all. You get used to it day by day.

Step 2: Promotes blood circulation and creates microscopic tears in the penile area

The extender device increases the blood flow in the penile area which activates inactive cells. Long term of this process increases the growth of the penis permanently. Although creating microscopic tears doesn’t sound like a constructive or pleasant thing at all, still how the body repairs those microtears is really where the secret lies. By the way, the micro-tearing is not painful at all and completely invisible to the naked eye. If you experience bruising, you need to stop or slow down your therapy because that indicates you are moving too fast with tension or using it too high or the duration is too long.

Step 3: Your body repairs the microtears and increases the growth of your penis

With new tissue growth, your body responds to the microtears through the processes of mitosis and cytokinesis. In this process, cells divide and create two identical cells. They tend to repeat the process many times until the microtears are repaired. Microtears that lead to tissue growth may sound a bit odd until you consider that this is how muscle mass is built as well during properly designed workouts.

What Makes the Quick Extender Pro Different

What Makes the Quick Extender Pro Different?

Unlike other extenders that are available on the market, the Quick Extender Pro was innovated for maximum comfort and offers a unique Double Strap Support (DSS) system. This helps to provide maximum traction to the entire length of the penis with less discomfort. Also, it helps you to wear the device for a longer period to maximize your gains.

Unlike pills or potentially dangerous surgical options, the Quick Extender Pro provides a fast, painless, and effective way of increasing the size of your penis permanently. You can do it comfortably at home by keeping your privacy. The science behind the device seems logical, solid, and customers seem to like it too. 

Our testers are quite happy with the product and the results. Even some customers on Reddit are getting hyped about the awesome results they are getting. Many have seemed to get results within two months of using the device although it requires more than two months for a noticeable outcome.

Quick Extender Pro Results After Using It for 60-Days

This is a summary of the review of our testers and other users combined. Everyone seemed to be impressed right after unboxing the Quick Extender Pro for the first time. It feels solid as it comes with a range of different rods and accessories. The package also includes full instructions to make it easy to use.

Here are the results after using it for the past 60 days-

  • First, the testers found it extremely easy to put on. The double strap system completely helped them out there. Unlike some other traction devices, which provide one strap only, having two straps made a big difference.
  • The Quick Extender Pro is much more comfortable to wear than other devices. At first, some have felt a bit odd but you get used to it gradually. Within a couple of weeks, they all were comfortably wearing it for a few hours a day without any discomfort at all.
  • After using it for two months, an improvement of an average of 0.75 inches was noticeable when erect by wearing it for 4-5 hours every day. 
  • The Quick Extender Pro might not be the most comfortable thing in the world to use but it is very tolerable and easy to use. However, there’s a problem that many have faced. If it is worn for a longer period straight, the penis begins to go a bit numb. It happens to the head of the penis because the strap reduces circulation. So, the testers needed to take a break every hour for about 10 minutes. Then, they were ready to wear it again.
  • The users have noticed that their erections are harder. Their sex drive is up and they feel much more confident while intercourse.

Overall, the Quick Extender Pro is an amazing product. It has shown a gain of 0.75 inches on average in just 60 days with 4-5 hours of daily usage. Just wonder what results in it can bring if it is used for 6 months as recommended. It may not sound like a huge improvement, but an extra 0.75 inches can make a big difference. You won’t be able to see results overnight. However, if you wear it for a few hours every day, then after a couple of months you will be impressed with the results.

What Can You Gain From Quick Extender Pro?

The Quick Extender Pro is one of the most versatile penis traction devices. It can easily be used or worn throughout most daily activities. The patented unique DSS system is designed for absolute comfort and allows you to wear the device for longer periods throughout the day. This results in faster penis enlargement gains when compared to other existing penis extenders.

There is a monthly report on enlargement gains that are based on existing customers data that is collected over the years. The men who use it for longer periods on a regular basis will gain quicker results. Those who use it for even a couple of hours but constantly every day will still notice positive results.

Quick Extender Pro Results – Monthly report

Here is a breakdown of the average results using the Quick Extender Pro. It is based on the average users with a 5-inch erect penis and a girth of 4 1/2 inches over a six-month time period.

First Month (Week 1 to Week 4)

The Quick Extender Pro arrives pre-assembled. All you have to do is adjust the device and its parts to fit your length. For the first few days, you should feel a slight tension. Don’t worry! It will not cause any discomfort thanks to the unique Double Strap Support (DSS) system. Your penis tissue will transition into a growth state within the first month. During this phase, you will notice that your erections are harder and fuller than before.

This initial change happens as the device exposes your penis to a persistent stretch. It improves blood circulation and allows more blood to enter the penile chambers. The more blood that can fill up the penis chambers, the larger, harder, and fuller your erection will be.

You will also notice visual size increases that can be measured. If you are persistent in your treatment, your body will be prepared for optimized cell regeneration in the completion of the first phase. This process is known as the “Introductory phase” where the body starts to adapt and respond to the penis enlargement program of Quick Extender Pro.

First-month result – Gains between a quarter-inch to a little under half an inch in length and girth are expected.

Second Month (Week 5 to Week 8)

After the first month, your body has now adapted to the program’s calibrated tension mechanism. At this point, painless microscopic tears will start their process within the penis tissue. These painless tears at the microscopic level will be invisible to the naked eye and cannot be felt along the surface of the penis.

Naturally, your body will be able to sense the spaces within the penile tissue and start the procedure of cell multiplication. This is where the inner cells of the penile tissue start to divide and create identical cells to fill in the newly created spaces. During this phase, surprising changes can be noticed in length and girth.

Second-month result – gains of up to half an inch in length and girth are expected. 

Third Month (Week 9 and on)

After the second phase, your penis genetic makeup is being re-designed at an exponential rate. Your penile tissue cells will be thrown into overdrive as it identifies that a huge amount of new spaces between each cell have to be filled in. Penis cells will rapidly divide and multiply to compensate for empty spaces within the corpus cavernosum.

The new cells will add to the penis tissue mass and thus, result in increased penis length and girth proportionately. With the added capacity for blood to fill your penis, the strength of your erections will also be increased. However, you don’t want to stop at the 6- month mark as you can enjoy limitless potential and permanent results with this penis extender device.

How To Use Quick Extender Pro

How To Use Quick Extender Pro?

In most packages, Quick Extender Pro comes as pre-assembled. Still, there are a few things that need adjustment. So, the first thing you need to do is to assemble and adjust the items. It should be pretty easy if you follow the instructions. Then, you can set it up in a way the top of the two silicone straps sets properly below the head of your penis. You put your penis through the base ring and then pull on the straps to adjust it with your penis and prevent any slippage.

Then, you select the length of the rods on the side of the penis as per your preference. You can exert the amount of force you want. If you are a beginner, you should begin with a lighter force. You should not push your limits and perhaps, wear it for an hour at a time. Once you get used to the device, you can wear it for longer periods of time. If you want, you can even wear it while you sleep. In that case, make sure you don’t move around too much. Once you get the extra length after a couple of months, you can then readjust the rods on the side of the penis for greater comfort and more traction force.

That’s basically all there is to it. Don’t forget to clean the components regularly to prevent any hygienic issues. If you face any difficulties or pain while wearing the device, you should stop using it right away and ask for help from the customer service, helpline, or professional doctor. This is just a precaution. You would be glad to know that there hasn’t been any serious injury reported yet under the usage of Quick Extender Pro. Just follow the instructions and don’t push your limits too hard, you are good to go.

Does Quick Extender Pro Really Work?

Yes, it works. When it comes to effectiveness, the Quick Extender Pro penis enlargement device delivers real results based on proven scientific facts. Studies confirm that penis traction is a working method for penis enlargement and that is what the device is all about.  

The company says that the program can deliver gains of several inches in growth within two months. Based on our testing, we cannot entirely go with this statement. These predictions may be slightly inflated. Our testers and other users from the internet were pleased to notice a growth in size mere weeks after beginning the program but not as much as the company claims. By the second month, an enlargement of half-inch was noticeable to many.

On average, our testers noticed about 1.5 inches of growth in length and 1.25 inches gain in girth over the course of testing for 5 months. A few men achieved close to two inches in length after six months, while a couple experienced closer to an inch of enlargement. For all users, gains in girth were quite proportional to the gains in length.

The broader analysis of clinical data supports our own testing. Studies confirm that penis traction devices produce effective results that are somewhat more modest, on average, than what Quick Extender Pro suggests.

When used as instructed, you can expect growth with these products more in the 0.5 inches to 2 inches range, based on our testing as well as analysis of studies. For many men, these results will be well worth depending on the low price and the time investment. Our testers were very pleased and satisfied with the results. On top of that, these gains are permanent. You don’t have to continue the daily extender routine to maintain the improvement.

Quick Extender Pro is a great solution for men to achieve their goals. It works and you can choose it over any other extender or expensive surgery.

How Long to Wear Quick Extender Pro?

The routine may vary from person to person. Still, we have tried to provide you with an ideal routine to achieve maximum goals. If you can’t keep up with our provided routine, it is completely okay. You can go with your own flow. On the other hand, if you can keep up with our routine without putting excessive pressure, it may work for you really well. 

Quick Extender Pro instructions to follow:

  • Take a hot shower and warm up for 7-8 minutes by side-to-side and up-down stretches
  • Take 20 minutes of break after wearing it for straight 2 hours or 10 minutes after 1 hour at the beginning 
  • Try to wear it during the day and evening only – not while sleeping
  • You can wear it under your trousers/pants

Our objective was to reach 8 hours per day gradually after 2-3 months. This way it is possible to gain potential results.

The Routine

Week 1Week 2
Monday: 2 hrsMonday: 4 hrs
Tuesday: 2 hrsTuesday: 4 hrs
Wednesday: 2 hrsWednesday: 4 hrs
Thursday: 2 hrs / added (.5cm extension rod)Thursday: 4 hrs / added (.5cm extension rod)
Friday: 4 hrsFriday: 6 hrs
Week 3Week 4
Monday: 6 hrsMonday: 6 hrs
Tuesday: 6 hrsTuesday: 6 hrs
Wednesday: 6 hrsWednesday: 6 hrs
Thursday: 6 hrs/ added (.5cm extension rod)Thursday: 6 hrs
Friday: 6 hrs
Week 5Week 6
Monday: 8 hrsMonday: 8 hrs
Tuesday: 8 hrsTuesday: 8 hrs
Wednesday: 6 hrs / added (.5cm extension rod)Wednesday: 8 hrs
Thursday: 8 hrsThursday: 8 hrs
Friday: 8 hrsFriday: 8 hrs
Saturday: 6 hrs / added (.5cm extension rod)
Week 7Week 8
Tuesday: 8 hrsMonday: 10 hrs
Wednesday: 8hrsTuesday: 10 hrs
Thursday: 8hrsWednesday: 6 hrs
Friday: 10 hrsFriday: 8 hrs
Saturday: 10 hrsSaturday: 6 hrs
Sunday: 2 hrs / added .5cm extension rod
Week 9Week 10
Monday: 8 hrsMonday: 8 hrs
Tuesday: 6 hrsTuesday: 8 hrs
Wednesday: 8 hrs / added (.5cm extension rod)Wednesday: 8 hrs
Thursday: 7 hrsThursday: 8 hrs
Friday: 8 hrsFriday: 8 hrs
Saturday: 1 hrs

You can continue until you get your desired gains in length. This routine is not entirely based on the instructions of Quick Extender Pro. The company suggests that the device should be worn consistently for 6 months and more. However, we have included a break after every week. It helps the body to adapt to the procedures. Also, you need to take a break of 20 minutes before you can wear it again after wearing it for straight 2 hours.

If you want, you can follow the instructed routine of the company, which you find in the delivery package. Otherwise, you can follow this routine or make a routine of your own according to your time.

Why Choose Quick Extender Pro?

In order to help you make your decision correctly, we thought of presenting to you all the positive and negative sides of this device. In this part, you will get to know what features of this program may favor you and what may not. 

Why Choose Quick Extender Pro

Pros of Quick Extender Pro

  • Studies confirm that penis traction can increase the growth of the penis
  • Gains are noticeable in both length and girth
  • Can achieve positive results within the first month of use
  • Comes in as pre-assembled and is very easy to use 
  • Capable of more powerful traction than competing devices
  • Innovative design features like the Double-Strap System and memory foam for maximum comfort 
  • Silicone straps and air pockets for ventilation for longer use
  • Medical-grade materials prevent odors and infections unlike other devices
  • Helps men with Peyronie’s disease (curved penis)
  • Various accessories and replacement components are available
  • 6-month money-back guarantee

Cons of Quick Extender Pro

  • Results vary from person to person
  • Requires patience and consistent use 
  • Too much tension applied too rapidly or for too long a time can be harmful
  • Very severe cases of curvature probably won’t be fully repaired
  • Comparatively bigger than other models

Final Verdict

After all the analysis, we can say that we are impressed. Therefore, without hesitation, we recommend you give the Quick Extender Pro a try. This penis enlargement device actually works and it has been scientifically proven. As long as you use it as instructed and pay attention to the signals your body is sending, this traction device is painless and much safer than other alternatives. 

Using Quick Extender Pro will also save you a lot of money compared to expensive surgeries. The only downside is that you have to wear it routinely and consistently to see effective results. We would say it is a very reasonable inconvenience to tolerate, given that the Quick Extender Pro delivers real and expected results. 

You can buy a Quick Extender Pro online from their official website and receive it at home discreetly. They offer a 6-month money-back guarantee which you can claim without any questions asked if you are not satisfied with the product. The company ensures that you will either be a satisfied customer of Quick Extender Pro or you won’t lose your money at all. Try it out!

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