Hyperbolic Stretching Review

Hyperbolic Stretching Review of 2022 | Ultimate Buying Guide

Who wouldn’t love to have a strong and healthy body? We all would love that, right? However, it is not easy to achieve and maintain a strong and healthy body, at least not in a conventional way. It takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication. We are talking about lifting heavy weights, maintaining a strict diet, and constant hard work. These might leave you frustrated and tired from time to time. 

Sometimes, this tough journey even kills the primary purpose of having a strong and healthy body. This is why to remain dedicated to the journey and ease it a little bit, we need extra support. That support is the Hyperbolic Stretching program. If you want to strengthen your athletic performance or increase the strength of your body, then Hyperbolic Stretching is worth your attention.

Nowadays, a lot of people are trying online fitness programs. If you are also active in the online fitness space, chances are you might have heard of hyperbolic stretching programs. It is a 30-day flexibility workout program entirely based on home. It has effective exercises that are backed by scientific study and will help you relax and stretch your muscles for a strong and healthy life.

In this review, we are going to discuss hyperbolic stretching thoroughly so that you can understand the program and whether it will work for your fitness goals or not. To find your answers, read the whole article.

What is Hyperbolic Stretching

What is Hyperbolic Stretching?

Regardless of how you get your workout done, stretching is important for every workout routine. It limbers one up, gets the blood pumping, and prohibits injury and pain. It is kind of the basics of a workout. What everyone would like to know is if there is any secret method of stretching. What if there is a method that can help you bulk up, slim down, increase your flexibility, and make you stronger in just 4 weeks? You would love that, right?

Alex Larsson who is the developer of the Hyperbolic Stretching program sure thinks so. He has designed two different stretching routine programs for men and women. He claims that no matter what you want out of your daily workout routine, following his designed program will increase the results. He believes that old-fashioned workouts or stretching hinders one’s progress toward his/her goals.

Hyperbolic Stretching is a program of 30 days that helps you deal with poor flexibility and mobility. It simply contains 21 videos of 8-minute routines to drastically improve flexibility. The program has far-reaching benefits on health and physical performance, enhanced energy, muscle tension relief, and recovery. It is suitable for men, women, and athletes who suffer from poor flexibility. 

The creator of this program, Alex Larsson, was a computer software engineer up until 2018. His prolonged sitting and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle caused him stiffness and pain. This is what encouraged him to break the chain that tied him to his desk. He left that desk and created this program. Since then, over 18,000 people have signed up for this stretching program and have been benefited.

How Does Hyperbolic Stretching Work?

Hyperbolic Stretching is an easy stretching program. There is not much science to it that you need to understand. It is all about poses and moves. It won’t even take much of your time. You just need to reserve eight minutes of your day for four weeks. If we sum it all up, that would be a total of 224 minutes. The program will be completed by then and you will gain super flexibility and strength. 

However, you can’t expect the program to work all alone. You will have to consider it as an addition to your regular workout routine and diet plan. Only then it will be able to bring out the best in you. Nevertheless, Hyperbolic Stretching doesn’t work as a standalone routine that you can follow to get into shape, lose weight or gain mass. If you are struggling with poor flexibility and mobility, this program is for you. Athletes are one of the major parts of the target customer segmentation of this program.

Anyways, if you want to complete the program, you just simply follow the instructions given in the video series. There aren’t any complicated poses, intricate moves, or anything tough. It’s just a set of several stretching exercises. If you can do these exercises daily for straight four weeks, you will be able to notice a huge difference in your flexibility. There is some credence to the Hyperbolic Stretching program’s claim that it can help you boost strength and add muscle mass. 

Stretching is a proven method to stimulate the release of human growth hormone (HGH). Today, you can find countless products and supplements available that are manufactured to boost the levels of the mentioned hormone. But, these products are not as efficient as stretching. 

Hundreds of online Hyperbolic Stretching reviews say that this program is quite effective and provides enhanced results. If you are thinking about old-fashioned stretching, you can try that too as that will bulk you up, get you toned, and help you lose weight. This statement is quite true but Alex Larsson over-hypes it.

A study that was published in the Journal of Athletic Training experimented on a small group of athletes. A group of athletes stretched before and after exercise and the other group did neither. When both of the groups were compared, the result showed that the group that stretched had a slightly slower muscular response time.

From the study, the difference was insignificant. However, if you can perform the exercises correctly, the stretches in this program can be much more beneficial than traditional stretches. It incorporates bodyweight resistance training, at least to a minimal degree.

Is Stretching Important for Good Health?

It is not enough to work out, build muscle, and gain aerobic fitness. You need to achieve flexibility too. For that, stretching can help.

You may think that stretching is performed only by runners or gymnasts. It is not like that. Instead, we all need to stretch so that we can protect our mobility and independence. We need to stretch regularly for good health. What most people don’t understand is that stretching has to be done daily. Even physical therapists suggest stretching on a routine and daily basis.

Stretching helps the muscles be flexible, strong, and healthy. To maintain a range of motion in the joints, people need that flexibility. Without it, the muscles become short and tight. They become weak and unable to extend or stretch all the way. Therefore, when you call on the muscles for activity, it may put you at risk for strains, joint pain, and muscle damage. This is why to live a healthy and fit life, stretching is important enough to be taken into consideration.

Is Hyperbolic Stretching Hard to Perform?

Do you know that the hyperbolic stretching program used to be an eBook course? That is not the same case now. 

Now, it has developed itself into 21 online instructional videos. It makes the program a breeze as it can be followed on any device from anywhere. Also, the video demonstrations do a much better job in instructing people how to do the stretches and maximize one’s flexibility and mobility. The whole system has just got friendlier.

The Hyperbolic Stretching program was created by Alex Larsson. It helps one to learn how to improve their muscle strength by dedicating just 8 minutes of their entire day. It needs to be performed four times a week for 30 days. If you can follow the program as per instructions, it will be a good adjunct to any exercise regimen. The stretches are not harmful in any way but beneficial to get a healthier and flexible body.

Some think that the exercises of this program are hard as it is so effective in just 30 days. Well, you should know that the stretches featured in this program are not harder than yoga poses. They start easy, then make their way to progress. However, there is a big potential disqualifier. If you are recovering from a muscle or tendon injury, you should not do Hyperbolic Stretching. In that case, gentle exercise and basic yoga would be better and that is only if your doctor approves.

Is Hyperbolic Stretching a Strengthening Program?

Hyperbolic Stretching is a stretching program that is based on ancient Asian techniques that unlocks your body’s potential and help you gain strength and flexibility. To focus on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, that muscle group would necessarily work core, back, as well as glute muscles. You also need to use your arms and legs to stabilize or support.

However, It is supposed to be a stretching program, not a strengthening program, right? Well, the program incorporates some bodyweight resistance. So, according to yoga lessons, it can be called a stretching program. Also, Hyperbolic Stretching is more like yoga and no one takes yoga as strength training, even though it helps to strengthen the whole body. There is no need for any weights to perform the Hyperbolic Stretching program. You can perform the whole thing with your own body.

Therefore, Hyperbolic Stretching is a stretching program that helps the body to gain flexibility alongside strength.

What are the Benefits of Hyperbolic Stretching

What are the Benefits of Hyperbolic Stretching?

Physical exercises and stretching have a lot of benefits that ensure a healthy and fit body. However, you are here to know the specific benefits of the Hyperbolic Stretching program, right? Here it is! 

Benefits for Men

  • Full muscle flexibility
  • Enhanced core strength
  • Tension relief
  • Fat loss
  • The ability to do high kicks, full splits, and other exercises without a warmup

The high kicks or full splits without a good warmup are not recommended unless you are in good shape. It is more like a surefire way to call on some muscles. You will surely gain some flexibility over the 4-week duration of this program. 

On the other hand, you need to keep in mind that you will lose the flexibility that you have gained if you stop stretching when the program ends. This stretching program isn’t a one-time thing. Though you will get the results you want in just 30 days, you will have to continue the stretches to keep your flexibility, strength, and all other gains.

Full muscle flexibility and tension relief benefits are expected from just about any kind of stretching program. The more you stretch and condition your muscles, the more flexibility you will gain. So, you can expect those benefits from this stretching program as well. The enhanced core strength is also a legitimate benefit. As you will be using your core in every single stretch, you will be able to see some toning. Many people even lose belly fat this way.

There is another benefit that doesn’t get enough attention, not even from the developer. That benefit is urinary continence. You may not have that problem but most people who do can be benefited from pelvic floor exercises.

Benefits for Women

  • Full body flexibility
  • Enhanced core strength
  • Tension relief
  • Fat loss
  • The ability to do high kicks, full splits, and other exercises without a warmup
  • Reduced cellulite
  • Better body confidence

Most of the benefits are the same for both Men and Women. The program affects men and women similarly. So, there is no need to repeat the reasons from the section above. However, Hyperbolic Stretching adds two extra benefits for the women who follow the program sincerely. Let’s look at those benefits more closely!

Cellulite is a condition that appears when connective fibers underneath the skin lose their elasticity. It is not fat. Usually, it happens because of advanced age or stretching during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, stretching can result in a rough or dimpled appearance of your skin. However, hyperbolic stretching can reduce cellulite. As cellulite is mostly found over the abs, it makes quite a sense that the program can decrease cellulite from its core-centric stretches.

The second extra benefit is better body confidence which is a no-brainer. The math is pretty simple. The hyperbolic stretching program lets women be in better shape by reducing fat. Now, it is obvious that if you lose fat and get into better shape, you will be more confident in your physique.

Will Hyperbolic Stretching Work as a Standalone Program?

The Hyperbolic Program suggests eight-minute stretching exercises per day. It is not like that it doesn’t do much in eight minutes but if you want it to work as a standalone program, you have to exercise more than that. On the other hand, if your priority is to have more flexibility and stress relief, hyperbolic stretching might be all you need.

However, for a faster and better outcome, one should perform the exercises longer than eight minutes per day. Probably, 15 minutes per day will be much better and effective too. If you can pair this program with a good yoga course, it will be more beneficial.

In all, you may expect good results with this as a standalone program if your priority is to tone your core. Again, you should remember that you will have to exercise for more than eight minutes a day.

How to Perform Hyperbolic Stretching

How to Perform Hyperbolic Stretching with an Existing or New Exercise Program?

The Hyperbolic Stretching program is designed in a way so that you can gain the flexibility you have always wanted by following some specific exercises using eight minutes of your entire day. It is effective and perfect in its way. However, this program brings out the best results if it is performed with your regular workout routine. This is not just a saying. It is proven by a lot of people who have done it. 

The creator of Hyperbolic Stretching, Alex Larsson, claims that doing hyperbolic stretches regularly promotes the production of HGH. He was not just saying this to attract people in buying this program. It is true indeed. Since there’s a touch of bodyweight resistance training inherent with the stretching exercises, you will have a greater HGH boost than that you would get from the traditional forms of stretching. Therefore, you will notice some benefits at beginning your workout with an eight minutes hyperbolic session.

As this is a full-body stretching program, you will be limber and ready for your hourly long workout. It works for any kind of workout. It will give you enough flexibility and strength to perform your weight exercises. The looser you are, the harder you can exercise. This is why it is best to perform before and alongside other exercises as it increases the benefits multiple times.

You will surely witness some benefits by using this stretching program as a beginner. However, many people have used this program as a closer as well. Nowadays, a lot of people are realizing that post-workout stretches are just as important to prevent injury and maximize outcomes as pre-workout stretches. The thing is that if you add hyperbolic stretching with your existing workout, you can expect some extra good results. It is best to perform it before the workout and after.

Is Hyperbolic Stretching More Beneficial than Traditional Stretching?

This is the part where the hyperbolic stretching program gets differentiated from other regular or old stretching exercises. It may seem like just regular exercise but there’s a bit of a secret in it. No, there isn’t much science to it but it surely brings effective results which are hard with traditional stretching exercises. However, that doesn’t mean the exercises are hard to perform. There’s nothing like that. It is a kind of secret that was discovered by Alex and proved scientifically. 

There are a lot of extra benefits that you can have from hyperbolic stretching. First of all, regular stretches prioritize conditioning muscles only. The hyperbolic program does that too, but it also focuses on strengthening stretches. You may not be able to notice much in your arms and legs but you will be able to feel the strength in your core and back muscles.

Traditional stretching exercises can’t tone you that much either. On the other hand, hyperbolic stretches can tone you more than you expect. It is kind of obvious as strengthening is the base for toning and hyperbolic stretches strengthen the muscles.

The hyperbolic stretching program is claimed to work by improving your body’s ability to create and release HGH and testosterone. Both of these are important to get in shape while maintaining a healthy and attractive muscle tone. The best advantage of this program is that it requires only eight minutes per day. Such shorter programs are needed for today’s busy lives. Also, short duration means that it is easy to pair up the program with your regular workout and you know how beneficial that can be.

Why Choose Hyperbolic Stretching?

You must have realized a lot of good things about hyperbolic stretching by now. Moreover, we have shared all the positive things and best usages of this program but everything has two sides to it. One is positive and another one is negative. It is time we compare these two and find out why we should buy hyperbolic stretching. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of hyperbolic stretching.

Pros & Cons of Hyperbolic Stretching

Pros of Hyperbolic Stretching

  • A great way to maintain flexibility
  • Beneficial in strengthening your core and pelvic floor muscles
  • Realistically reduces cellulite
  • Consists of not-so-hard exercises
  • Visible results in just four weeks
  • No weights or other equipment is required
  • It is cheap and affordable 
  • Money-back guarantee if not satisfied
  • Takes just eight minutes to perform
  • Comes with properly instructed videos
  • Avails different versions for both men and women
  • Easy to buy through online purchase from anywhere around the world

Cons of Hyperbolic Stretching

  • The stretches need to be performed continually
  • No solid proof that it is better than traditional stretches
  • Best if performed alongside a regular workout routine
  • The program’s developer claims that traditional stretching impedes strength training
  • It was claimed that stretching boosts HGH production
  • No physical or live instructor

Does Hyperbolic Stretching Worth the Money? 

It is always about the value of money and whether the program is worth it or not. So, let’s start with the price of the program.

Hyperbolic Stretching usually costs $199 which is too much for a downloadable stretching program. It is even too much for any physical stretching program as well. However, you don’t have to pay that much because there is a discount of 86% available on the official website of hyperbolic stretching. This brings down the price at $27 only which is at least three times cheaper than any kind of stretching program. Therefore, with all the pros that you have read earlier and this price, it can be said that Hyperbolic Stretching is surely worth the money. 

Is Hyperbolic Stretching a Scam?

Well, we have checked out as many reviews as we could find on the internet. Surprisingly, most of the people’s feedback was positive. They are kind of happy that they got this deal for under 30 dollars. We have checked out reviews from different websites and it seems pretty original, not fake. However, we have also noticed some fake reviews as a few reviews were written in a similar format using the exact words. 

There is a common complaint that the program cannot get you into the splits. An MMA enthusiast claimed that working this program impeded his ability to do a full split. Now, there are several reasons to make that happen. It could be because of the replacement of the old stretches with the hyperbolic variety or something else. Also, there wasn’t any brag about fat loss or gaining tone from using this program.

All the best Hyperbolic Stretching reviews came from the people who performed the program with their existing workout routine. The regimen includes things like HIIT, lifting, or even light cardio. These people who got expected results say that they gained muscle tone and lost fat much quicker with this program.

Therefore, it seems that hyperbolic stretching is not a scam but more effective if used with an existing workout routine.

Final Verdict – Should You Buy It or Not?

Exercising is good for our health. Specifically, most of us would love to lose some weight, get toned, and build muscle. Everybody wants to have a healthy body, right? So, working out and maintaining a proper diet is the key to having the body we desire. 

As you have already read this whole review of Hyperbolic Stretching, you should realize that stretching can help you be more flexible, strengthen your muscles and let you work harder to achieve your goal. Therefore, this program can be a big asset to you for optimum health. 

However, you must not keep any unreasonable expectations. If you follow the instructions of the stretching and perform them alongside your existing workout, you can have good results. Even though the developer of the program ensures great results, we can’t guarantee that much. 

Hyperbolic Stretching is a reasonably effective stretching program at a cheap price. If you need to increase your flexibility and muscle strength, you can give it a try. If it works for you, then it’s great. If you are not satisfied, you can claim a refund which is a real catch. 

Good Luck!

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