Best 80 Gallon Air Compressors

Top 5 Best 80 Gallon Air Compressors – Buying Guide in 2022

Whether you are a hobbyist or a craftsman, a good air compressor is a must-have to run your power tools. There is a wide range of tools that need an air compressor. An 80 gallon air compressor usually has a 5-7.5 Horsepower motor. That is quite high if you just want to use tools to fix some stuff around the house. For that, a 2 HP air compressor should be enough.

These 80 gallon air compressors are meant for industrial use. They are manufactured with high-quality material to resist weather wear. They are also quite an investment. So I would suggest you should make sure you actually need an air compressor that large. These things also consume a lot of energy.

How much is an 80 gallon air compressor worth?

Well, that depends on the brand you are going to buy, the power of the engine, its build, maximum PSI it can produce. Here I’ve compiled a table for you to look at.

Product NameMotor HorsepowerPrice
Ingersoll-Rand 2475N7.5-V7.5 About $2400
EMAX Compressor ES07V080V17.5About $3300
Ingersoll-Rand 2340N5-V 5About $1700
EMAX Compressor ‎HI05V080Y1S5About $2000
NorthStar Electric Air Compressor 4592427.5About $2000
Ingersoll-Rand 2475N7.5-P7.5About $2800

This should give you a general idea of how much air compressors of 80 gallon capacity cost. You should also note that you may have to buy a startup kit additionally with your air compressor which will increase your cost. Air compressors need to be lubricated, so you must buy lubricants. You may have to also buy specific wires, isolator pads, amp breakers. But those costs are minor in comparison. 

Here’s a list of our picks when it is about the 5 best 80 gallon air compressors

1. Ingersoll-Rand 2475N7.5-V – 80 Gallon Two Stage Compressor

Ingersoll-Rand 2475N7.5-V – 80 Gallon Two Stage Compressor

Established in 1859, Ingersoll Rand has more than a hundred years of experience making top-notch air compressors for both household and industrial use. They seem to have perfected their air compressors. Their products speak for themselves and are widely known as durable and reliable.

This 80 gallon air compressor is built for heavy shop or industrial use. It is a two-stage air compressor which means that the air has been compressed twice instead of once for increased pressure. Two-stage compressors can manage more machines and have a faster recovery, which makes them much more efficient. 

The cast-iron construction of this compressor will make it last for years. Ingersoll-Rand claims that it ensures over 15,000 hours of painless use.

The maximum power of this air compressor is 7.5 HP and you can kick up the pressure up to 175 PSI. It takes 230 Volts to run this machine. It is powerful enough for continuous usage and some heavy lifting. The airflow capacity of this product is 24 cubic feet per minute which are pretty good. All of these features make sure that with the help of it, you can use a range of air tools. 

The lubricant used in this air compressor is synthetic-based, which performs about 4-times longer than the petroleum-based lubricants commonly used. You can run the air compressor for up to 2000 hours before this synthetic lubricant will need a changeout. 

This air compressor comes with a 100% cast iron pump, ODP motor, ASME-coded receiver tank, automatic start/stop control with pressure switch, magnetic motor starter, and a manual drain.

This product is stationary. Once you install it in a place it will be hard for you to move it. So, before you make an installation be careful about where you wish to put it.

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like seeing one buck go to waste, this is the air compressor for you. You’ll get complete value for money. Its smooth operation is pretty impressive.

2. EMAX HULK Silent Series HI05V080Y1S – Electric 80 Gallon Air Compressor

EMAX is relatively newer in the air compressor game. It has been making air compressors for almost 40 years. Within that time, they have come up with some innovative technology. But the one innovation that they are known for is their unique technology of noise reduction. 

This industrial air compressor with an 80-gallon tank capacity has this sound reduction technology known as the Whisper 100 Silencer system integrated into it. Your workplace will be as quiet as it can get with a 5HP, 100 PSI air compressor pounding on the floor. The compressor is constructed with cast iron and has a solid build. It is as heavy as you’d expect an industrial air compressor to be. It is stationary.

For this compressor, the CFM reading is 18 which means the volume of air it produces per minute is 18 cubic feet. It is not as much as some of the other air compressors on our list. Your tools will need airflow to run continuously. Having a low airflow limits the tools you can use. That’s why looking at the CFM is important. The CFM of this compressor is definitely high but not the highest.

The required voltage is 230 Volt for this air compressor. Another great thing is that it comes with a 4-year warranty which is higher than what the other brands usually offer.

You’ll notice that the motor is a single-phase. A single-phase motor uses a single-phase power supply that contains two wirings; hot and neutral. This is also highly convenient as most at home power outlets are single phase. You won’t face any problem powering this compressor.

If you were nitpicky, the only minor cons of this compressor that I can spot are the tacky color and the cheap-looking hulk sticker decal. Also, the magnetic starter/thermal overload protector is made in China. These are all minor issues really. This compressor is a great deal, especially, at the price point it comes in. 

It’s worth every cent you spend on it. It is built to last long. You can use it smoothly for up to 50,000 hours. This product showcases excellent workmanship and quality.

3. Ingersoll-Rand 2340N5-V 5HP 80 Gallon Two Stage Compressor

Another Ingersoll Rand 80-gallon compressor makes the cut on our list. The maximum Horsepower on this engine is lower than the Ingersoll-Rand 2475N7.5-V model and it also comes at a lower price in comparison. This model is designed for heavy shop and industrial use. 

This compressor has a three-phase motor. Three-phase motors consist of three different components. These are – the stator, the rotor, and the enclosure. 

This model too is a two-stage compressor and that allows it to increase the air pressure. This compressor offers a maximum pressure of 175 PSI. Considering the price, that is a great performance. 

It is 200 Volt-3728 watts, 5 HP air compressor with a maximum pressure of 175 PSI or 12.07 Bars. The CFM rating is not that high at just 14. Cast iron construction coupled with an industrial-grade ODP motor gives it a solid build that will last you years. Radial fins deliver 360 degrees cooling of cylinders to avoid the problem of hot spots which also increases longevity. With all of these features in mind, the manufacturers claim that this compressor can provide up to 15000 hours of trouble-free use. The product also comes with an all-season select lubricant for proper start-up and operation

Its engine is designed to meet the grueling needs of automotive service and body shops, car-washed general maintenance/repair shops, production and manufacturing lines, woodworking shops, fleet maintenance, dry cleaners, machine shops, and farms. 

The product is designed keeping in mind the longevity and durability that people have come to expect from Ingersoll-Rand air compressors. Its construction is solid and it runs well in all kinds of weather. The flywheel and finned high-efficiency copper intercooler keep the compressor cool and running even in the most demanding situations. 

The tank is highly efficient and takes about 3 minutes to fill up all 80-gallons of its tank capacity. This compressor does not include a plug, it needs to be hard-wired. It requires a 230-volt, 60-amp double pole breaker to run. For wiring information, contacting a local electrician is best as depending on which state you live in the requirements may vary. 

4. Ingersoll Rand 2475N7.5P 80 Gallon Two Stage Compressor

If you are wondering if there is a difference between Ingersoll-Rand 2475N7.5-P and Ingersoll-Rand 2475N7.5-V, then let me tell you there is. The P in this model’s name stands for the premium package and the V in Ingersoll-Rand 2475N7.5-V stands for value package. So basically, the manufacturers came up with two different package deals at different price points. If you have a good-sized budget, you can go for this model instead of the Ingersoll-Rand 2475N7.5-V model.

The additional features that this model contains are listed here.

  • upgraded electric drain
  • air-cooled aftercooler
  • low oil level switch

Manufacturers usually call such models fully packed. It just means that these models have additional desirable features added to the basic air compressor. A basic air compressor is made of the tank to hold the air, the pump to compress air, and the motor to run the pump. So next time you hear the word fully-packed, this is what it means.

Now to jog your memory a little bit, let’s recap on the features in Ingersoll-Rand 2475N7.5-V that this model builds on. 

It’s got a cast iron construction that gives this product an increased service-life. The maximum power provided by this air compressor is 7.5 HP. With this much power, the air compressor will be quite efficient for the usage of multiple air tools. Its maximum operating pressure is 175 PSI. Its pressure range is flexible enough to allow wider range of air tools to be used. The airflow capacity of this product is 24 cubic feet per minute, so the tank will fill up quicker and you can use your tools for longer.

This compressor is built with an ODP motor that comes with a magnetic motor starter. Automatic start/stop control with a pressure switch makes using the compressor easier.

It uses a synthetic-based lubricant, which performs about 4-times longer than petroleum-based lubricants. You can run the air compressor for up to 2000 hours before this synthetic lubricant will need a changeout.

If you buy an air compressor, I suggest that you have an electrician take a look and recommend an amp breaker. It depends on the power of your engine and the voltage requirement how many amps you may need.

5. NorthStar 80 Gallon Vertical Electric Air Compressor

NorthStar air is designed for industrial usage. It is portable unlike the other air compressors on our list.

This is another two-stage air compressor sporting an 80-gallon vertical gas tank that is ASME-Certified. This gas tank is constructed with high-quality welded steel that ensures durability and long-lasting service. It even has a weather-resistant powder coating to reduce wear and tear due to extreme weather conditions. The gas tank is fitted with valves that have equally high quality and durability. The pressure relief valves and ball valves are all certified and you can expect them to last for years. 

Their V-style cylinder is designed in a way to facilitate cooling and eliminate hot spots. This compressor also has a slower RPM to prevent it from getting heated. Heat can affect the shelf life of an air compressor. So, these details are important as it means that your air compressor will last longer. 

The compressor’s pump is engineered with Innovative Low Vibration Technology (LVT) which allows the pump to run smoothly during operation and ensures an increased service life. 

Other important features of the NorthStar 80-Gallon Vertical Electric Air Compressor are-

The pump is made of full cast iron and FC35 Grade cast iron pump head. It has a maximum power of 7.5 HP that requires 230 V and a 40-amp circuit breaker. It has a CFM rating of 24.4 when the pressure is 90 PSI. The CFM at this pressure level is important as most air tools require 90 PSI to run. The airflow is impressive and you should be able to use your tools hassle free for a long. Pressure can go up to 175 PSI on this thing.

Its single-phase electric motor makes it very easy to power. You can just plug it into an ordinary wall power outlet.

Considering all the amazing features and the high-quality materials that this compressor is made of, it also comes at a remarkably fair price. You’d be happy to see such an air compressor that has a higher value for money.

Complete Buying Guide For 80 Gallon Air Compressors

You’d be better off considering some factors while deciding which air compressor you should go for. I’m going to give you my two cents on what I think makes an air compressor the right fit for you, assuming that’s what you are here for.


The power of the compressor should meet your needs. Some marketers put an exaggerated rating on the horsepower to sell to people who have a hobby of working with tools. If your air compressor can be plugged into your home wall, then it cannot be more than 2 HP. To run a 5 HP motor, you’ll need at least 220V and 24 amp. How you need to power your tool is the best indicator to check if the horsepower rating is accurate. Industrial air compressors like the ones on our list have accurate ratings and that isn’t something you need to worry about.

Pump Cubic Feet per Minute or CFM

CFM is the volume of air that is delivered by the compressor. Air tools need a minimum volume of air to keep them running. You’ll see that different CFM are listed at different pressures. The most common CFM rating is 90 PSI. Because that is the pressure most air tools need to run.

Air Pressure (PSI)

Most tools as I’ve mentioned need 90 PSI of pressure. Air compressors have to at least maintain 90 PSI pressure for that reason. Some factors and elements reduce the air pressure created by the pumps. For that reason, you need a higher shut-off pressure than 90 PSI to account for the lost pressure. 

Single Stage and Two Stage Air Compressors

Two stage compressors produce highly compressed air. But most tools don’t need such high pressure to run. Check the air tools you use. Chances are you won’t require that much pressure.

Single stage compressor cylinders that directly pump air into the tank. A two-stage compressor will have at least two cylinders. The first cylinder has compressed air at 90 PSI and pumps that to the second cylinder. There the air is compressed again to reach 175 PSI and then pumped to the tank. 

Air Compressor Power Supply

Most air compressors are electrically powered. You should check the voltage and amp requirements before you purchase a unit. If the air compressor is portable, you should also see if the length of the power chord is long enough so that mobility isn’t restricted. 

What Is The Best 80 Gallon Air Compressor? 

This was a no-brainer. The NorthStar 80-Gallon Vertical Electric Air Compressor is the best package. It has all the powerful features at a low price. 

This air compressor is built to last for years. Everything from the material used, its design, and engineering focus on increased service life. The cooling technology used in this compressor is superior. It has the highest CFM rating of 24.4, a 7.5 horsepower motor, and a maximum pressure of 175 PSI. All of this for only $2000. 

Alright, 2000 USD is never only, but considering the other air compressors is enough for you to get my point. NorthStar does offer the full package with this air compressor.

How to install an 80 gallon air compressor?  

An 80 gallon capacity air compressor is mostly used for industrial purposes. Most of them have three-phase motors. You have to hardwire it or connect it to a 230V receptacle to power it. Your compressor has to be on a circuit with a double-pole breaker with appropriate amperage. It is better to leave the hassle of installation to someone qualified if you are not comfortable with it. 

For the installation, you should select a sufficiently large enough area to work comfortably with your tools. You can use isolator pads at the base of the compressor to stabilize it and decrease vibration. Selecting sufficient hose length and fittings for your compressor is also necessary as you want to be able to conveniently move things around in your workstation. 

How many amps for an 80 gallon air compressor? 

The tank capacity isn’t what directly determines how many amps you need. The HP of the engine or the voltage requirements are the factors that are used to gauge the amperage needed. But since most 8-gallon air compressors are between 5HP-7.5HP and require 220 V or 230V you can give an estimate for 80-gallon air compressors in general.

I’d say, go with the recommended 40-amp breaker for a longer shelf life of your 80-gallon air compressor. Your compressor doesn’t pull 40 amps while running but it will pull more during startup. 40 amps are recommended for trouble-free smooth usage and to avoid heating up the motor as heat lowers the service life of motors. 

If you wish to save power, you can lower the amperage up to 30. You’ll probably do just fine with 30 amps but you may face occasional trouble with the motor startup.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take for an 80 gallon air compressor to fill?

Ans: It depends on the CFM or Cubic Feet per Minute of the air compressor. Now, the CFM varies at different pressure levels. What also varies is how manufacturers calculate CFM. They don’t necessarily adhere to a rule of calculation. This may mean that the rated CFM is a bit different than the actual output. Additionally, the weather conditions, such as humidity, air temperature, etc. may also change the rate of pumping air into the tank. Considering all that, I’d say, a high-end two-stage compressor should take up to 5-7 minutes to fill up an 80-gallon tank.

2. Where are the bearings in an 80 gallon air compressor? 

Ans:  The bearings are inside the pump of your air compressor. The bearing allows the smooth operation of different components of your compressor while producing air. The main bearings work is to help to turn the crankshaft inside the metal framework of your compressor. You can replace the bearings on your air compressor with a little bit of craftsmanship when needed.

3. How to calculate air compressor 80 gallon tank capacity?

Ans: Based on the tools you will be using; you can calculate the tank capacity you will need. The longer you use your tool and the more the tools consume, the bigger your air compressor’s tank capacity needs to be.

There are different methods of calculating the tank capacity of a compressor depending on the type of compressor. We have discussed stationary air compressors so far. So, I’m going to break down the formula that is used to calculate the air capacity of stationary air compressors.

The formula-

V = t x C x pa / (p1 – p2)


V = volume of the receiver tank (cu ft) 

t = time for the receiver to go from upper to lower pressure limits (min) 

C = free air needed (scfm) 

pa= atmospheric pressure (14.7 psia) 

p1 = maximum tank pressure (psia) 

p2 = minimum tank pressure (psia)

Let me calculate one for you so you can understand better.

mean air consumption = 24 cfm 

maximum tank pressure = 175 PSI

minimum tank pressure = 90 PSI

 Run-time of tool = 2 minutes

V = t x C x pa / (p1 – p2)

   = 2 x 24 x 14.7 / (175 – 90) ft3

   = 8.30 ft3

   = 8.30 x 7.48052 gallons

   = 62.0883 gallons

This formula isn’t completely accurate. But it should give you an idea of the required tank capacity.

Final Verdict 

The best product always depends on your needs and budget. This is a big investment, so I’d suggest you consider your options carefully.

The installation of air compressors can be a pain. I gave you my opinion on what you may need. But the product you choose to buy will have specific needs.

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