Best Sunflower Seeds 

Best Sunflower Seeds Flavour of [2022] You Must Try

What Is The Best Brand of Sunflower Seeds?

Selecting the most suitable sunflower seed isn’t an easy task since many factors exist, including D.A.V.I.D. Seeds Tribeca Curations BELLATAVO BIGS, NOSH PACK. We have compiled this list of 21 top sunflower seeds to help you choose the perfect one.

Our experts have scoured and analyzed a variety of sunflower seeds that range in prices ranging from $6.00 to $57.00. Due to its superior overall performance, we suggest D.A.V.I.D. Origins Sunflower Seed is our top selection. Don’t overlook other top choices; the buying guide contains helpful information to help you find the ideal sunflower seed.

Are you deciding on sunflower varieties to plant in your garden or containers? I’m hoping that some of my favourite types will be yours too.

I’m obligated to warn you, but. When sunflowers are in the picture, like when I see pictures from my nephew’s engagement photo or the songbirds I feed, I always respond by saying, “That’s my absolute favourite!” And I mean the words I use until I come across another one…

You, too, can be unapologetically a multi-platinum favourite among the cultivars that belong to Helianthus annuus because there’s so much variation within the group.

Best Sunflower Seeds

Best Sunflower Seeds


As the official seed for softball and baseball, There was no way we could not leave David Sunflower Seeds. Since 1926, they’ve given us a flavour and consistency unlike anything else in the market. Available in both the original and jumbo sizes, David’s bags are packed with nutrients, taste, vitamins, and more. So go ahead and grab bags while heading to the ballpark, and get ready to enjoy the perfect snack at any game you play.

Spitz Cracked Pepper

Spitz Cracked Pepper

In the top spot, we have Spitz. We love them! I needed some seeds recently and decided to give them a chance. After trying them for a few months, I can declare that they are currently among the top sunflower seeds.

The seeds are more significant than regular seeds, and you’re unlikely to find an unsuitable origin ever.

In addition, there is Spitz sunflower seeds are also available. Spitz sunflower seeds come in various flavours, including Dill Pickle, cracked Pepper and smokey barbecue. The brand has you covered, no matter what you like and their premium packaging ensures that the seeds will always be fresh.

We’ve tried nearly every flavour Spitz offers and decided on Cracked Pepper as the best flavour. The flavour isn’t too strong. However, it’s not so subtle that you don’t notice. Just enough taste to satisfy your snacking preferences.

Brands like David and Bigs can leave your mouth swollen and dry, leaving you with the dreaded tongue that is sandpaper. With Spitz, it’s not something we’ve ever had to worry about as they are less laden with salt.

Chinook SeeChinook Seederydery

Chinook SeeChinook Seederydery

In 2012, Chinook Seedery was established. Chinook Seeder is the newest addition to our top sunflower seeds selection. Not only are Chinook Seedery sunflowers better tasting, but they’re also better for your health. They’re healthy and delicious. The central claims to fame are that their seeds can be up to 30% bigger than those of the nearest brand. Every bag is packed with healthy, non-GMO and verified ingredients without sacrificing flavour. Be prepared to be amazed when you enjoy a more nutritious snack with Chinook’s sunflower seeds.

Spitz Smoky BBQ-flavored Sunflower Seeds

Spitz Smoky BBQ-flavored Sunflower Seeds

Spitz’s Smoky barbecue seeds of Spitz are excellent. After testing a variety of varieties and brands of sunflower seeds, Spitz seeds out-do plenty of other brands available today.

There’s a reason why they were included on the top sunflower seeds list. They’re high in sodium (nowhere as high as David’s) and fresh and bursting with flavour. Due to this, you can sit back and enjoy a couple of bags.

Furthermore, Spitz seeds are something I’ve been enjoying for years. My family joined the Spitz wagon quickly afterwards.

They’re also a great alternative to use the times when Spitz Cracked Pepper doesn’t suffice. To add a variation, add Spitz Smokey B.B.Q. Into bags filled with Spitz Cracked Pepper and enjoy the flavour explosion.

They’re fantastic; however, they’re only as much we can say through writing. Take a look and see what you can go on about.



The unique flavours such as Tapatio Chile Limon, Buffalo Wing, Bacon Salt Sizzlin’ and Tapatio Chile Limon form the core of Bigs Sunflower Seeds. They stand behind and are proud in that they only use the U.S.A. grown seeds since they believe the American cultivators are indeed the heartbeat of our great nation. The gratitude and praise Bigs conveys to these farmers isn’t tiny, as are the sunflower seeds they use. Bigs fire roasts each batch with the most potent and bold flavouring seeds available to create the loudest kernel crunch. Get Big and provide your taste buds with something to be remembered with these distinctive sunflower seeds.

Giants Kettle Roast Sunflower Seeds

Giants Kettle Roast Sunflower Seeds

One problem you’re bound to encounter if you are a fan of sunflower seeds is that they are salty. Certain brands are overly salty and can cause your mouth to feel fresh.

It is claimed that these seeds contain about 40 per cent less salt. However, they are delicious. They’re roasting with less salt, meaning they don’t give you the “sandpaper tongue”. It’s great if you love eating lots of sunflower seeds.

They’re right up there with the sunflower seeds we love, and I’ve enjoyed trying various brands and flavours.

If you’re looking for seeds to be flavorful but aren’t a fan of them that have a lot of salt, try these seeds a go!

David Jumbo Ranch

David Jumbo Ranch

David seeds had to make it through as the official softball and baseball sunflower seeds. I’ve been a massive fan of David sunflower seeds since they’ve been around as long as I remember. They are available in a variety of great flavours and come in a variety of sizes.

Their consistency, flavour, and nutrition make them essential in your game. It’s a shame they’re hard to locate at convenience stores, so I’ve been blessed since Amazon always has an assortment available.

We also prefer the “jumbo” sizes of seeds as they are easier to shell than the standard-sized seeds. They’re fresh for a more extended period and have a rich flavour. In addition, you will not receive a lower price than the ones you can find on Amazon!

But it is noted that the amount of salt is very high; therefore, these seeds might not be your best choice if you’re not a fan of salt. We weren’t particularly bothered by salt, and these proved to be among the best sunflower seeds that we’ve experienced.

What’s the best sunflower seeds taste?

The search for the finest tasted sunflower seeds can be concluded here! S.M.A.C.K.I.N. Sunflower Seeds are made using a keen eye for flavour. We roast and flavour each sunflower seed to perfection for a great crunch and lasting taste. Everybody is constantly asking us what the best flavour of sunflower seeds is. Today, Frank, our intern, will discuss it in a highly opinionated discussion about his top and least-favourite varieties we have available.

Garlic Parmesan

The most abundant of flavours and aromas, from the delicious flavour to the delightful mouth-smacking crisp texture, Our Garlic Parmesan is genuinely a one-of-a-kind seeding experience. It is made with authentic parmesan cheese and a hint of garlic and produced over two months in the S.M.A.C.K.I.N. kitchen. This is one of those seeds you wish had been with you all your life. With just 540mg sodium and 8g of protein, and 170 calories, you’ll be unable to leave the bag until you’ve finished it!

Sriracha Honey

I didn’t think we would rank this flavour in the 2nd, but it’s the right reason! If you’ve looked for a spiced sunflower seed taste, S.M.A.C.K.I.N.’ Sriracha Honey is your answer! The flavour is spicy from the beginning but sweet towards the end; it’s essential to have it because of its blend of spicy Sriracha and sweet honey that delivers a highly balanced punch! With just 400mg of sodium as well as 6g of protein, and 170 calories, your mouth will keep watering to get more.

Backyard Barbecue

Let me tell you. I still love to kick it back to my old smoking barbecue-flavoured sunflower seeds. There is nothing that can beat the desire of Backyard Barbecue! A taste that reminds me of the authentic Texas barbecue that’s fresh off the grill and smothered with a delicious barbecue sauce. It’s different from any other bland barbecue taste I’ve had. S.M.A.C.K.I.N.’ has reinvented the classic B.B.Q. Seed, with just 6g of protein and 170 calories. They taste as if freshly cooked and will make your S.M.A.C.K.I.N.’ for more!

Kickin’ Dill

SHEESH…is the only thing I need to say after I’ve tossed another handful from Kickin’Dill Sunflower seeds! A spicy version of traditional Dill Pickle flavour, Kickin’ Dill has authentic dill pickle flavour that’s hot. With only 380mg sodium and 6g of protein, and 170 calories, Kickin’Dill will send you off the floor and make you want more!

Cinnamon Sugar

The most delicious and sweet tasting taste of sunflower seeds I’ve experienced! Cinnamon seeds – hold the toast. Cinnamon Sugar has authentic cinnamon seasoning and a hint of milled cane sugar for an unforgettable taste experience. With just 200mg sodium and 6g of protein, and 170 calories, this will be your new favourite dessert!

What kinds of sunflower seeds exist?

Autumn Beauty

In case of variety is the flavour of your existence, ‘Autumn Beauty’ could be your style of sunflower.

This open-pollinated, branching variety is up to 60-80 inches and has a wide variety of fall-coloured flowers, including reds, oranges, and yellows.

It’s an excellent choice for gardeners who are not patient and are a bit impatient, as flowering can begin only 60 days after planting. I particularly like the different colours you can pick from just one packet of seeds.

A glance at the flowers will cause you to want to grab your sweater and eat something sweet sprinkled with pumpkin spices…

The seeds ‘Autumn Beauty’ are available in a variety of sizes of packets as well as in bulk through Eden Brothers.


I’m not going to say that these blooms taste as good as their name implies, as it would be a lie. The flowers and petals can be eaten. However, they are edible if you plant them without spraying chemicals.

“Chocolate” has its unique appeal as eye candy. It has vibrantly coloured blossoms in shades of mahogany and brown.

It can grow up to four feet tall. Each plant has multiple flowers that pollinators look for.

In between 65 and 75 days to flower from the time of seeding, the flowers bring an array of colour to the garden after the annuals of spring have died and before the slow-to-mature flowering sunflowers such as ‘Mammoth’ begin flowering in the last week of summer.

In the cut garden, the vibrant colour of these varieties is an excellent complement to any other cream-coloured types, such as Italian White, that you’ll learn about in just a few seconds.

The seeds ‘chocolate’ is available in different sizes of packets from Eden Brothers.

Goldy Honey Bear

I’m not entirely sure what these beautiful double flowers do with bears. However, they’re honey-coloured and have a honey-coloured name.

The petals appear like the kind of sunset one would see on the shore, spraying sharp gold rays with pink highlights close to the green, pale centre.

The flowers are five to seven inches in size and bloom for an extended period.

Each plant has several branches, So you can anticipate plenty of these vast blooms out of a single packet of seeds that will begin to bloom around 60 days after sowing.

Another advantage: They’ve extremely sturdy stems, which means that even if they reach the height of five or six feet, There’s no need to stake them.

Because they’re almost pollen-free, they can be enjoyed in arrangements of flowers.

A few flowers placed in a glass vase are so appealing that you don’t have to buy more fillers or plants, which is undoubtedly appealing to minimalist home decorators like me.

“Golden Honey Bear The seeds are available in 25-seed packs by Botanical Interests.

Italian White

This robust branching variety is the most beautiful flower with dark centres.

I’m not going to make this happen to you If you haven’t had lunch already, but I need to tell you about my experience that the name and the colour scheme of these items always remind me of Italian cream cake…

The upright stalks can grow up to 48- 60 inches in height. Similar to wide varieties from the past, it takes a long time to flower, ranging between 90 to 110 days.

If they explode with clusters of four-inch daisy-like blooms, the wait may seem worthwhile, especially as they’ll continue to bloom for at least a month.

Cut the stems frequently to create floral arrangements and to encourage blooms.

The Italian White seeds can be purchased from Eden Brothers.


Small-sized sunflowers are a popular option if you only grow them inside containers or need a size that is manageable for your flower beds.

In certain instances, they can produce large flowers on stems and stalks which reach an average height of twelve to 36 inches. Some dwarf varieties are tiny flowers.

Three of these are top cultivars for space-saving that you can think about:


Do not get too excited about what the name means for this plant! The flowers aren’t too dark or blotchy like the sun’s spots, the sun that Galileo or Thomas Harriot first identified more than four centuries ago.

This tiny but powerful plant produces substantial flower heads that are atop strong stalks that are 18 to 24 inches in height. It attracts bees as well as other pollinators.

Although it’s perfect for growing containers, I suggest playing with “Sunspot” as a lower-lying flowering hedge for pathways.

You can plant it on top of taller cultivars with contrasting shades, such as ‘Velvet Queen.’

Like the rest of its open-pollinated H. Annuus cousins, “Sunspot” has edible petals if you don’t cultivate the plants spraying chemicals.

They are a little bitter, much like young dandelion leaves, and can be a lovely garnish for salads with leafy greens or sprinkled with tiny shards over cakes and topped with a rich frosting.

Find Sunspot’s seeds in two-gram packets that are available on Botanical Interests.

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Where can I buy large sunflower seeds?

There’s a good chance that if you’re in the dugout or viewing a sporting event on television, you’ll soon observe someone munching on sunflower seeds.

Why do baseball players adore sunflower seeds? Apart from the fact that they taste delicious, it’s also due to the necessity.

In the early 1800s 1800s, players from baseball drank tobacco while playing. In time people began to be conscious of the harmful effects of smoking. It also did not give an excellent impression to youngsters.

Then, a few players began chewing sunflower seeds as an alternative. This happened sometime between the 1950s – 1960s, and their popularity exploded and surpassed tobacco by the mid-1980s.

The combination of soccer and sunflower seeds makes the perfect pair.

Always get rid of the consumed seeds by putting them in containers, especially if you are in the digging area, as it’s easy to clean. Be safe. Avoid running and chewing lest you get choked.

We hope that this list will assist you in discovering the top sunflower seeds. What other flavours have you tried? Are you a fan of a preferred flavour or brand that wasn’t on the list? Comment below.

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